I love being barefoot, and having my feet played with is a huge turn on for me. Getting my toes sucked gets me going like nothing else, especially during sex.

Some guys won't do it at all, some only do it when I ask, and others really want to do it but are afraid it will freak me out. Only a few guys I have been with have gone straight for my toes without being asked. Often I see men looking at my feet when I'm out and about and I wonder if they are into it.

So, how many of you guys like feet and toes? And what do your partners think? I know at least one or two of you do... 😘

1 month ago

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    • I love clean feet, dirty feet, sweaty and stinky feet, and I would eat my come off of a sexy pair of feet.

    • I keep mine clean and fresh

    • I watched way to much feet porn this week after reading this

    • Haha no such thing as too much!

    • I totally agree but i need a set of real sexy feet so bad!

    • Wish I could help you

    • I recently started dating this older woman. On our first date she wore a beautiful pair of bowtie sandals. Her toes were painted red to show off her feet. I couldn't help but glance at them as beautiful as they were. About half way through dinner, she asked me if I liked her shoes. I told her yes I did.
      All of a sudden she took one shoe off and showed it to me. She said these are Anne Klein's. I wanted to look at both her shoe and her feet. I think it was a test from her to see if I had a foot fetish.
      We have been a a few more dates and things are going well. I can't wait to taste those beautiful feet of hers.

    • It sounds like she wants her feet to get some attention. Hope you both get what you want!

    • I will keep you posted. I want to take things slow, I just cant wait to suck her beautiful toes!

    • Give them an extra lick from me x

    • And me!!!

    • You need to yes

    • Wow its something i have thought about but seeing you write that its something i absolutely want especially especially from your toes and feet! Do you have high arches?

    • Yes I do

    • That makes your feet even more sexy and irritasistable. I want to see them so badly to fantasize over, i am rock hard right now u have no idea

    • Mmm good, I like that you are hard. What else would you do with me? No limits let's act out your deepest darkest fantasies x

    • I think it would be so hot if you used your sexy toes to play with my ass and stick them in and out a little that is one of my darkest

    • I would do that for you x

    • Wow i would probably cum so hard and instantly. Whats one of yours?

    • I want to be tied naked to the bed and used by as many men and women as possible. Nothing rough just fucked, licked, sucked, covered in cum and made to suck

    • Oh i would so be part of that and be there the whole time with you watching after i tied you up, i would even find a girl to squirt on you so got girl cum to

      My other dark one is sucking a dick while it is between your feet, i consider myself straight but it seems so hot

    • How about you sucking a dick between my feet that has already been inside me and is covered in my pussy juices

    • You literally just made me shoot ropes of cum fuck i need you i am still throbbing for you.

    • Mmm that's hot maybe I should make myself cum too

    • I have no idea where you are from and its crazy how turned on i am right now imagining your dark red toes in my mouth, i have never cheated but if i ever ran into you and you caught me staring at your feet i would have a hard time walking away if we had this conversation or anything like it.

    • Well I would never want you to cheat if you really didn't want to but if I saw you checking my feet out I would definitely tease you with them, maybe flirt a little, make sure you know you can have me if you want me...

    • We would both be cheating in minutes, i would be sucking your sexy toes right in the bar, lets meet in vegas ;)

    • Ooh we could get up to all sorts in Vegas!

    • Thats what i am saying, u could tell me which bar on here, tease me with your sexy feet and red toes for hours until we both cant take it and move to sucking, licking, fucking and cumming all over them. No names just our feet lust

    • If I lived in the US I would probably do that, it's been a while since I fucked a total stranger

    • Ohhh i wish u lived in US so bad, the things i would as your footslut make me blush especially if they are as sexy as you say. Your feet woukd get enough attention to last you at least a year in a weekend!!

    • Wow I would absolutely love that, be so nice to have a naughty weekend where my feet and toes get the attention they need. I would be sure to show you my appreciation of course 😘

    • Oh i know you would because of how crazy you be with my tongue constantly on your dark red toes. It would likely be hard for both of us to leave!!! 🤩

    • We would just have to stay then

    • Is it strange that i like sexy feet so much i would lick my cum off them for you?

    • Not strange at all. Do whatever turns you on x

    • Wow i didnt know women like you actually existed somewhere cause that would turn me on like a volcano. I feel like we need our own thread so this never stops!!

    • I have been with a couple of guys that have licked their own cum off me, it's kinda hot actually especially off my feet

    • On my first date with my girlfriend we had dinner and then came back to her parents house. Her parents were upstairs. We sat on the couch and were watching a movie when she put her barefeet on a pillow that was between us.
      There were so close to my face I could smell them. She started to rub her feet together. When I looked at her she was smiling so I knew what she wanted.
      I started giving her a foot massage and she said it felt amazing. I couldn't help it, I planted a kiss on her big toe. Then I felt her other foot rub the outside of my zipper. I undid my pants and she started giving me a footjob. I put a blanket over me in case her parents came downstairs. I came all over her feet within minutes. She loved it!

    • Did she lick your cum off her feet?

    • That's a perfect end to a first date

    • When I first met my wife was very skeptical about me getting anywhere near her feet. She's a businesswoman, so heels are necessary in the office. When we were dating, she would come home and complain about her feet being sore. She wouldn't let me near her feet because she said they smelled. I still would lick her soles and suck her toes. I love the taste of a woman's foot sweat. So, to satisfy her I actually went and bought some watermelon foot scrub and simply told her to enjoy! She loved it. Now, all she has to do is hand me the jar and I know what to do!

    • There's nothing like kicking your heels off and getting a nice foot rub. Your wife is a lucky woman! x

    • I absolutely love feet, I’m in quite a new relationship and am trying to slowly hint at it, I’m making progress as recently while I licking her pussy, she’s started rubbing her foot on my balls as I jerk and we both cum together!

    • Maybe cum on her feet next and see how she reacts. Hopefully she appreciates having her feet adored as much as I do x

    • Sounds like these guys you have met are losers. I get an erection just sniffing my wife's feet! It could be days of summer without a shower and I would still happily lick, nibble, and completely suck my wife's feet and toes. I would be satisfied masturbating and just sucking her toes.

    • She's very lucky then, you could suck my toes for hours and hours

    • This is my post - guess I forgot to log in x

    • Feet are the sexiest and i love licking sucking footjob but my wife isnt into it i get sad sometimes.

    • That's a shame, my husband isn't really into feet but he does suck my toes because he knows how much it turns me on.

    • I would love to rub your pretty feet and lick and suck your toes all of time. It turns me on so much. I have even looked up foot fetish parties but get scsred ill be noticed and divorced if im caught

    • I would love that, if you suck my toes I get so turned on I will pretty much do anything you want

    • That makes 2 of us lol, we would control each other with your feet!

    • I'm getting turned on just thinking about it!

    • That makes 2 of us! Whats your favorite toe color?

    • Dark red

    • Oh my, that is a wildly sexy color. There is nothing better than missionary grabbing your feet licking from your heel to your toes then taking your big toe in my mouth while the other is on my chest and sucking it passionately while we keep fucking.

    • That's my favourite position. I love my big toe being sucked while I've got a big thick cock inside me. I cum so hard from that.

    • I just cum

    • Who in the Hell even Dances with Bananas?

      My son is not right in the head anymore he farts all the time in my house and stinks up my house, he puts on my wife's clothes and finds it funny, he plays striptease in front of us at the house, he draws pictures of naked women and looks for real pictures of them on my computer and to top it all of he danced with my bananas; I believe my son is criminally insane.

After I sent him home to his mother where I believe he inherited his insanity from I drank a bottle of Jack Daniels and then took a look back trying to figure out what went wrong with my son, and what made him act so goofy. I think my son needs to see a Councilor because he is not right in the head, and after all he's done to me, he's sent me back to drinking as a result. Than the next week when he came over he tried to dance with my favorite fruit ever, Grapes. 

This time I told his if he did the same thing to the Grapes like he did to my Bananas; I would skin his hind end. I hope now he's straightened up but, I really shouldn't expect much, cause i'm not sure what he'll do next.

Well now he's got my Banjo and is singing songs about Bananas, Hair, People's Feet, and Women and he's Playing these songs with my Banjo while sitting on the toilet taking a s***. Now this is not normal behavior for a 11 year old boy, and I need to get this boy some serious help before I completely lose my mind; either he needs to do some Consoling or a trip to the Looney Bin, I hope something straightens out my Insane Son and I hope it isn't too late.

    • Mmm good x

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