He thinks i squirted :/

2 months into our relationship with my boyf i was still a little shy around him. We got pretty drunk one night and he started getting horny and wanting sex. I was 2 embarrassed to say that i had a massive boil on my inner labia. So i turned lights out and we started kissing, he put his hand down to my pussy and started to rub my clit, the more i moaned, the harder he rubbed. Except i wasn't moaning in pleasure i was actually groaning through gritted teeth as he was actually rubbing my boil not my clit. With that he rubbed a little too hard and it popped while i yelped. Discharge burst everywhere, and he actually thinks to this day he made me squirt, when in fact he bust my boil.

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  • Wtf

  • Oh my days!

  • Ummm, this falls under "Gross" ! You didn't cheat anybody, you just fooled a rube !

  • That's awesome kills two birds at a time you get the needed boil popped and your boyfriend gets his ego built up.

  • Frick people, it's just life. Stuff happens to everyone's body from time to time.
    The older you get the more things happen.

  • Thank you

  • Why does your snatch have a pustle in the first place? What they hell has been growing down there or crawling around??

  • I get them when i shave? Its not nothing bad, just a hair follicle. I was embarrassed to say anything

  • The pain was unbearable

  • Yeah, that's fucking disgusting. At least he didn't pop it with his mouth.

  • Now you’ve done it. That’s fucking gross to even think about it.

  • My husband thinks he makes me squirt when I'm really just peeing. Why burst his bubble?

  • I really enjoy making my wife pee during her orgasms, usually this happens during her second or third big one. I put the vibe on her clit and wait for the gusher, she was embarrassed about it the first few times it happened but when she saw how turned on I was she got really into it.

  • Squirting is peeing. Scientifically proven to be pee, it comes from the bladder, through the urethra. There is no other anatomical mechanism that can produce squirt. That said, I still love it when my old lady squirts on my face.

  • It amazes me that people think it’s something else. Because yeah, women walk around with another unknown body part full of unknown liquid that just stays full until it releases and then fills up again. Whatever. It’s piss people. PISS. If it’s your thing, great, but if you think it’s something else, you’re fooling yourself. Take an anatomy class and you’ll figure it out. Jesus.

  • Well you're wrong love. It's not piss

  • Why am i aroused reading this?.....

  • Because you like pustules perhaps??

  • Sorry guys 🙊

  • Thanks, I just ate.......

  • Gross

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