New job

I recently started a new job and there's a woman who works in the reprographics room who has been flirting with me almost from my first day. She's in her 50's, quite short and overweight, but she always wears blouses that reveal her very generous cleavage and I was soon fantasising about having sex with her.
I was so sure she was into me I decided to ask her out for a drink, just to see if she'd say yes. She did and we went to a bar not far from work and spent a couple of hours there. Then she asked me back to her place and within minutes she was riding my cock like a pro.
That was two weeks ago and we've had sex five times since then. I don't want it to stop.

26 days ago

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    • I worked in a large office building that had an insurance company on the top level, with tons of hot women working in it. I got to know the hot, blonde, killer-long, red-nailed receptionist, who guys drooled over and the women in my office hated and called "flopsie", because her tits were always showing. I'd see her getting mail or by the vending machines, chat with her, and work on her until asking her to go for lunch, which we did several times. Then, in the hallway one afternoon, she commented on how she missed lunch, had to reschedule her nail appointment, and was hungry for dinner.

      I took that as, take her for dinner. We went to a nearby, ok place, not high-end but not bad either, talked, found out more about each other, and she told me something I could not believe: She hadn't had a man in 6 months, and decided early on that I was the one to break that dry spell. On the inside, I was going crazy, since she was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen, but I kept calm and told her we'd finish dinner, then hit one of the hotels behind the office complex. Checked into the hotel, practically ran upstairs to the room, stripped each other very damn fast, and had what can only be stated as a raw, wild fuck-fest, tearing into each other for the night and once in the early morning. I'd never, and to this day, still haven't, had that wild and intense, non-stop, get over here fuck marathon like that night. We made it an every few weeks thing, and the hotel started entering us into their computer as Mr. and Mrs. They knew why we were there. Just pure, raw, wild fucking. I can get hard even now just thinking about her.

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