I like to watch my wife with other men

We have talked about this fantasy so many times and I was so excited when she finally agreed to go out in a tight dress which buttoned all the way down the front. I insisted that she was not allowed to wear anything at all underneath.

I would take her into some of the busier town centre bars at the weekend especially on football match days when there were always large groups of men out drinking together. I just love to watch the attention she gets from the moment her coat comes off.

After we have had had a few drinks I would unfasten several more buttons at the top of her dress to expose a little more cleavage and then guide her over to the areas of the bar where she has to squeeze through large groups of men.

I think it is so hot to see the moment when some of the guys try to slide their hands inside her dress and feel her up. I position myself to get the best view of them taking advantage of her nakedness under the flimsy material.

There was one time when things almost got out of hand as a group of drunken guys wouldn't let her go. She ended up surrounded by the group, one held her arms behind her whilst his friends had both her breasts exposed It didn't take them long to discover that her pussy was also uncovered, I was only able to watch them finger her for a couple of minutes before I had to get two of the security men from the door to help me free her as they were dragging her towards the men’s room, where I am sure they were planning to fuck her. I know this sounds like a dangerous game, but we are both addicted to the adrenalin and sexual tension it creates, it’s so hot to play.

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  • I ask my wife to do the same, love it

  • Hey if you both are enjoying it, go for it.

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