The fight of the year was due on Saturday,I was going out to watch it but changed my mind,I was watching it my house,it wasn't on until 4 in the morning,so I set my alarm,3:30 came by in no time,shock horror my TV was playing up! Wtf was I going to do🤔 my nephew will be watching it,he lives in my sisters old house with his girlfriend and his younger sister ( my niece) I rang him to check,yeah it's on get down here,marvellous,I hopped in my car and sped down there,they'd been drinking all night,the fight started! It was the biggest let down ever! 2 rounds it lasted! My nephew and his girlfriend went up to bed leaving us two,I was stone cold sober,my niece was hammered,she's 24 BTW,so how's your lovelife girl I said! Terrible I haven't had sex for months she replied,laughing I said just as bad as me but I'm married and that's what happens! I do like sex she said,what's your favourite position unc? Doggy I said! I like being on top,my last boyfriend was an older guy,he was amazing in bed,it must be experience with you men,you know how to please a girl,this is getting a bit strange I thought!!! Have you ever taken viagra she asked? Yes why do you ask? They're the best invention ever! You lot can go all night!!! And your dick is really hard on them!! Yeah I replied laughing,im really horny uncle Peter,your drunk that's why! How many inches are you then she said!! Wow,I don't know I've never measured it! What ! Every guy measures his dick,I've got a tape,suddenly she shot out the kitchen and came back with a tape,go on then measure it then,shut up I said,ha I bet you're only 5 inches! Cheeky bitch! OK pass it here,I had a semi on,I turned my back to my niece and pulled my dick out and started wanking! Fuck I was hard! I measured myself, 6 and 3/4 inches I said,I Don't believe you and with that she came around my front! Oh,so you weren't lying,my niece put her hand around my cock and jerked me off! What are you doing Vicki! I'm dying for sex I told you earlier! But I'm your uncle! So that doesn't feel nice then? Her strokes got faster it felt great! No one will ever know,Vicki was wearing pjs,she took her bottoms off,she wasn't wearing underwear! I was surprised,she had a bush,she pulled my hand towards her pussy,I rubbed her clit then stuck a few fingers inside her mmmm that's lovely,her cunt was soaking wet,sit on the couch she told me,my niece straddled my hard cock and rode my cock like a nympho,she was dying to scream but she'd wake her brother and his girlfriend upstairs! I'm going to cum I said! I'm on the pill you can cum inside me! So I emptied my load up her tight cunt! See I knew you were gagging like me uncle Peter,now you'd better get home,I pulled my jeans up and quietly walked out the front door

2 months ago

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