Dirty wife

I'm a contractor so I get to travel a bit around the country,met some crazy friends along the years,all sorts! Fighters,ladies men,drinkers you name it,one of the lads Jordan came into work Monday telling stories about the weekend,he'd met some milf on fabswingers that was gagging for it,Jordan is in his twenties,well there's a few of them on the canteen table,Jordan,Darren and Aaron,they all met this milf at a hotel,Jordan said she was married but wasn't getting the attention back home,the boys got to the hotel bar early,then in walks this woman all dolled up he said,after a couple of drinks,she says to the lads,let's go upstairs,I've booked a room,all of them get to the room,Darren says,so your not getting any cock back home ? She replies this is the first time I've done anything like this,im not a slut!!! Yeah OK Darren said,strip off and let us be the judge of that! Jordan then buts in,she had a bit of a spunk belly but not a bad shape on her! This milf then started sucking the 3 of us off,she was loving it! We pushed her onto the bed and started to fuck her! She had a lovely hairy pussy Aaron said! Jordan nudged Darren! Film it mate! Listening to the boys they fucking hammered her!!! Up her ass,dp the lot! Have a look at the video john Darren says to me! Give it here I said!! My heart skipped a beat! The milf in the video was my wife! What could I do? I couldn't say anything! I was fucked! I had to watch these young whipper snappers doing what ever they wanted to my wife of 15 years! Watch this bit Jordan said! Straight from her ass and into her mouth! Was this really my wife!! What a loser your husband must be ! They were all saying! Fuck me more my wife was crying out! Then Darren said she noticed us filming!! You dirty bastards!! Mmm send me the video! Here we go the boys said,watch this and with that all 3 of them shot their loads into my wifes mouth!! I was in utter disbelief,what do I do? Confront her when I go home or keep it to myself????

25 days ago


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    • Tell her that you know and that next time you want to watch her getting fucked by all of the young cocks. I like to lie beside my wife and kiss her as each guy fucks her. After they all come in her I like to stick my cock into her cunt with all of their come dripping out of her. After I come, I ask them to fuck her again.

    • Feels great to stick my cock in my wife’s cum filled pussy

    • I've told her that I've seen her with the guys and that they work with me,she's admitted that she's done this a few times,I told her that it turns me on,we should have been more upfront with each other about our fantasies,we've arranged to meet 4 guys,all early 20's next week! Can't fucking wait

    • If this is true you need to confront her. Decide if you want to stay with the cheating slut.

    • You have a good woman on your hands. Shes willing to get it from groups of guys and enjoys being a dirty wife. You should suggest maybe putting up a couples ad together and cherish the inner slut she is. I have been trying to get my wife inspired to be anything but boring.

    • Keep it to yourself sounds like your wife will be having a great time, let her.

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