Wifes gym

I've never been one for the gym personally,my wife becky has been a member along with our two daughters at a big national gym just a 5 minute drive from our house,im 44 now so I decided to take the plunge and do some cardio just to keep in shape,I joined up and started going 3 times a week,it wasn't long before I got chatting with other guys and was starting to enjoy it,men being men we always had a good perv at the hot women in their leggings,I got really pally with 4 guys,Andy,Jeff,Brian and Jordan,all married except Jordan,after our workout we had a couple of beers in the bar,so fellas are any of you fucking any of these women up here I said,does a bear shit in the woods was the answer! Wait till you meet becky Andy said! A proper milf isn't she lads!! They all laughed,now I hadn't said that my wife was a member,or yeah I said what's she like then? You'll meet her soon like half the blokes up here have!! 2 at a time isn't that right lads!! Jeff leaned forward and said quietly,me and Brian did her in the car park beside her car! Clinking glasses together!! Dirty slut begged us to fuck her up the arse,hold up Andy said,there she is over there look! I turned around and realised becky was my wife!! Her stupid husband sits at home with no idea his wife is getting hammered by all the blokes up here Jordan said laughing!! As you can imagine it's knocked the stuffing out of me! Do I continue as normal or divorce the bitch

17 days ago

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    • I think that you have the opportunity to fuck as many of the women at the gym as you can. I would love it if my wife cheated on me so that I could fuck another woman after only fucking her for almost 49 years.

    • Continue ur as normal and fuck as many skits at the gym as possible lol

    • What are skits?

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