Cocktail party quickie

My husband took me to a cocktail party at the house of one of his supervisors. He hasn't worked at the company for long, so I was meeting many of his coworkers for the first time. I was told to dress up nice, so I got my hair done, wore a blue sequins dress that was knee-high, and wore blue pumps. My husband wore a suit and looked great.

Later that night my husband said he had to drive one of his drunk male coworkers home and he'd be back in 20 minutes, depending on traffic. I said no problem, I'll just hang out and socialize while having another martini. I didn't think much of it.

Well, I went upstairs to pee, which I did, but noticed two people were fucking in one of the bedrooms. They were single, so it was no biggie, but seeing them was riveting. I watched from the doorway for a few seconds before they saw me, and the guy just said, "Hey, come on in if you want." I had spoken to both of them at the party earlier and they were nice people, really friendly.

I stepped into the room and they motioned me over to the bed. My mind was like "I can't do this" but tbh my body was like "Yeah, I want some." My husband had just left so I had some time. I dropped my panties, hiked up my dress, and 69'd on the woman while the guy fucked me doggy style. With her tongue on my clit I got off really quickly. I could also feel the guy getting really big and he asked if he could cum in me and I said it was okay. It was really hot and fun and I pulled my dress back down and thanked them before going back to the main party. They stayed in the room to keep going at it lol.

The whole thing lasted maybe 8 minutes. My husband has no clue that I cheated on him, and tbh I don't think that anyone at the party knew that there was fucking going on upstairs. I think I got away with one.


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  • Quickies are some of the naughtiest pleasures you can have. So hot doing the deeds behind everyone's back then behaving like nothing happened around them.

  • I agree, I think you got away with your quickie . Sometimes the quickie is very exciting, there is always the possibility of getting caught which makes it all such great fun.

  • Poor hubby, did you let him clean you up or did you run in the shower real quick ?

  • I wouldn't consider that cheating. It was just a quickie creampie at a party. No big deal. Gee wiz I get quickies from stranger's all the time, to help pay for things, like, repair bills, cab fairs, bar tabs, etc. If it's with a stranger, to resolve a det, last 15 minutes or less. Then it's just business.

  • I had my first time quickie ar at my husband's office party and did it change me!

  • You’re the perfect wife!

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