Wifes fantasy

Having been happily married to my gorgeous half Spanish wife for 10 years,our sex life had started to die down quite a bit,surprising really considering we did allsorts over the years! I decided I was going to spice it up a bit and play a dirty game of truth or dare,we had the house to ourselves,my stepdaughter Sophie (wifes daughter from a previous relationship) was out with her friends,she's 18 and our daughter was sleeping down my mother's house,we started off on the beer before hitting the red wine,she gets filthy on the stuff!!! Then I started.cmon then babe let's play truth or dare 😋 oh yeah Tanya said!! You first hun she said ask me? Right then,truth or dare? Truth hun?what would be your ultimate fantasy baby? OK are you ready for this she said. I've often thought about me and you fucking in our bedroom and wanted Sophie to walk by and watch,I look up at her peaking through the door as you fuck me from behind and call her in!! Don't be shy baby you've been watching for half an hour,get your clothes off! I don't know what to say or where to look by now! Tanya says am I a bad mother hun? Not at all I reply.its just that I accidentally saw Sophie and her boyfriend Carl going at it in her room last week and I can't get it out of my mind! I want to lick her beautiful shaved pussy as you fuck me! her pussy looked amazing bouncing on her boyfriends cock I've never been so turned on hun! Then I want her to lick my hairy cunt as I ride you reverse cowgirl up my arse,fuck me love I said that's absolutely filthy! I forgot to mention we're both naked by this point,we had the naughtiest sex that we'd had for years then xx

25 days ago

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