Spanking my brother-in-law

My brother-in-law and I have never gotten along. He's a real a******. But I admit I've been quite a b**** to him. Whenever the family gets together, we wind up arguing. I don't really get along with my sister either, but it's worse with my brother-in-law. I do really like their kids however, and my husband and I every once in awhile will take their kids for an overnight so that they can do whatever. One time the family was together and everybody was drinking and my brother-in-law said that his three-year-old son had told him that Aunt Rory was going to spank Daddy! Everybody laughed and I said jokingly that that sounded like a good idea. My brother-in-law seemed kind of curious and asked me if I had said that to his son. Of course I had not and told him that. But my husband and I are into spanking as foreplay, and I started thinking that it might not be a bad idea if I could figure out a way to give him a good whooping. About three weeks later he was dropping off the kids for an overnight.. I told him that we needed to talk and asked him to go for a walk with me on our property, which is heavily wooded. When we got out into the woods, I said that I had an idea to kind of wipe clean the Slate between us. He asked me what my idea was. I said we should follow up on what his son said, and cut a switch and each give the other 20 with it. I suggested that the one who made the most noise and reaction would get 20 more. He looked at me as if I was crazy and then said okay. He asked if it was going to be on the bare butt, and I said it should be over our underwear. He agreed. He had a pocket knife and cut a switch and cut off the leaves. I said that I would get it first. I dropped my jeans, having made sure that I had on panties that covered my ass, and bent over. He started switching me, and it burned like a hot wire, but he wasn't really swinging that hard and I was pretty sure I could take it better than him. After all, I had given birth to children. I was silent for all twenty, and only straightened up once. I pulled up my jeans, turned around and grinned at him and said your turn. His face was red but he turned around and took down his jeans and bent over. I had gotten the switch from my parents when I was growing up, and I doubt he had ever felt it before. I laid into him really hard and he yelped at the first stroke. I gave it to him with no mercy, swinging really hard all 20 times. He was jumping around and moaning and yelping, and it was obvious that I had won the contest. He stood up and turned around, and looked like he had seen a ghost. Oh, I said. You get 20 more. Do we really have to? He asked. I nodded yes, with a big grin on my face. I promise I won't be such a jerk to you anymore, he said. That's great, I said, but you're still going to get what's coming to you. He looked miserable, but he turned back around and bent over. I gave him a bit of a break with the next 20. I swung medium hard rather than really hard, but he still had a really hard time taking it. When he pulled up his jeans and turned around, there were tears on his face. Well, I said, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. He nodded. He couldn't really speak at that moment. We walked slowly back to my house. He got in the car without even saying goodbye to his kids and drove away. Since then, he has been very respectful to me. It's quite obvious he does not want a Repeat Performance.

25 days ago

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