In-Law Pregnation

I've been trying to get pregnant by my husband to give his mother a grandbaby. I've gone to the doctor and she said that there is nothing wrong with me. I asked and pleaded with my husband to get himself checked out. He won't do it. I told my mother-in-law about her son. She said give it time and it will happen. Well I've been patient and think that my husband was a dud. I didn't want to wait no longer.
My brother-in-law was three years younger than my husband and he knew I was trying to get pregnant. I knew he has the hots for my thick Mexican body equipped with large breasts. My mother-in-law hinted to me and to her younger son to get it on and try to make a grandkid for her. She said we could use her bedroom. She stood in the doorway and watched.
It turned out my brother-in-law had larger dick and balls than his brother. My mother-in-law started talking dirty to her son to enhance the sex. After several sex sessions I was pregnant and my areolas swelled up. I was not interested in my husband but desired my brother-in-laws baby maker. He and I got use to his mother's dirty talk that when we wanted to hanky-panky we would invite her to our secret session.


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • This is your third fake story about trying to get pregnant Dude. They are all clearly bull shit give it up. There are no woman here well no real one's.

  • Yes I will it is one of the worst fake incest story yet. Reaching the bottom of the barrel for this shit.

  • The Mighty anti incest warrior will have things to say about this crap

  • Fake incest propaganda written by a guy.

  • Yes clearly written by a guy.

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