Abused in my youth?

Last weekend we cleared up the attic of my mothers. I found a small boy with pictures as one made them years ago. They must be old because they showed me at age 7/8 (I'm 37 now and married). And the pics were disturbing. they showed me nude with my mom and my grandma. both nude too. I dont have any reminder about that.

Weve been in the bath together and I played with moms or grandmas boobs. the there were some with us all 3 on a bed. Nude too and grandma played with my penis while i suck on moms tits.

One picture shocked me the most, it showed me having me whole hand inside my grandma's Belly.And she seemed to like it.

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  • If you can't remember it don't worry.

  • So, Mr. Norman Bates, you have no memory, or, as you say, "reminder" of this ? More details and actual pictures would help us answer your question.

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