Co worker is very potent

Last year during the pandemic, wife and i were constantly on the go with our jobs and 2 kids. We are both 32. Very little sexy time, not to mention I'm suffering from a little erectile dysfunction, along with us having lots of arguments. Well her birthday was coming up on November 10th and wanted to do something cool for her and I. My wife is a very fit blonde hair and blue eyes, 38 dd's and a big booty to go with her body.. I always had a fantasy of her with another man. Plus I knew she needed lovin. So I rented a hotel room got sexy lingerie for her to wear. I even set up secret cams neither of them knew of. I surprised her with my black co worker who is 44 who was husky/chunky with dreads. My black co worker has been single for at least 2 years and has been some time since being with a women. I had him dress up all nice for her. Had my wife dress in white lace bra, thong with stockings while she waited for her surprise. He surprised her and told her whats going on as him and I went over everything prior.
They both kissed very passionately for some time until they eventually got undressed as she dropped to her knees quickly as soon as he unzipped and dropped his pants as his very erect cock sprung up. She started sucking his cock almost in a crazy worship kind of way. They moved on to having sex. Started out slow and passionate and as sex went along he started getting rougher with her, pulling hair, spanking, dirty talk, even little choking. My wife seemed like she enjoyed it as she had at least 2 orgasms.

At the end he had her in doggy style and was holding on to her hips really tight as he was pounding away really fast as he is sweating like crazy, he shouts out " fuck I'm going to cum" my wife just says "oh my God yes" my black co worker says while grunting and breathing heavy " oh my god, oh shit, here it comes" and let's out an extremely loud scream like he saw the holy ghost in person as he shoots his cum load inside my wife. My wife just moans as he came inside her.
They both laid together and kissed passionately for quite some time before my co worker just got dressed and left. My wife laid awhile till she showered.
Asked my wife later how her surprise was and she said it was the most amazing sex she ever had and mentioned that my co worker ejaculated with such force inside her she felt the force for a few hours later. Also mentioned he shot so much cum inside her.

To both of our surprise, right before Christmas my wife went for a routine check up at the doctor only to discover she was pregnant. She immediately scheduled an ultra sound where she found out she was 5 weeks pregnant and the ultra sound showed two spots, baby A and baby B, the doctor labeled it. We haven't had sex together in long time so We both knew she had for sure gotten pregnant with twins from my black co worker. Also meaning she still got pregnant even while on birth control. We talked it over and right after the new year she got a private abortion and we never talked about it again or mentioned it to anyone. Not even our kids,family or my co worker.

Everytime I see my co worker I think of that night he had with my wife and just amazed at 44 years old how much sperm build up and incredible squirting power he must have had that forced its way through an IUD birth control and created twins.

We talked one day when he brought up about a co worker of ours is pregnant he said he always lived a single life meeting up with girls. He said he slept with so many girls when he was younger he don't know how many kids he got out there from these different girls. But what he does know is he for sure has a few kids as he use to donate sperm to a sperm bank. He was able to successfully get 7 girls pregnant through his donation.
All I can say is damn at his age of 44 he can still shoot powerful undeniable baby making loads of cum.
As it closes in on a year since he had sex with my wife, had she kept the 2 babies they would been born in July, I sometimes wonder if I should tell him as well as I wonder what his reaction would be if he knew he planted twins in my wifes womb.

24 days ago


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    • Love to see her pussy.

    • Fuckwit

    • You should have had the babies. Nothing shows that a black man fucked your wife more than obviously mixed race children.

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