Swinging friends

We're from a little village in Wales,me and my wife and then there's our friends,all couples,8 of us,nicola and Andrew Mike and Claire Peter and hiedi,we're always in each others houses having parties,we always knew nicola and Andrew were the mad ones.but little did we know they were swingers 😛 it was our turn to host the weekly Friday night party this week,im Sean BTW and I'm married to Diane,everybody normally comes around about 7ish,not tonight! Nicola and Andrew were early! It didn't matter...they both came in nicola went out the kitchen with Diane and Andrew and myself sat in the living room.no messing he came straight out with it,Sean he said,you know me and nicola swing? Yes I said! Well I've got something to tell you mate,fire away I replied.i don't know how to put this Sean but we were at the swingers club in the week and we saw Diane's parents there 😂😂 you what I said! I know mate I feel like I've got to tell you,now Diane's mother and father are nearly 70! I was intrigued 🤔 did they recognise the pair of you I asked? To right they did mate! She was getting dp'ed and Clive called me over!! Fancy a go on Joan's ass Andrew!! Go on son make her day,so I did Sean! I fucked your mother in law in the ass! Good on you pal I said, nicola was playing with some guy opposite us! Clive asked me if he could fuck her? Cmon let's ask her Clive,nicola couldn't believe it,I said go on hun let him fuck you 🙄 in no time Clive was pumping away on Nicolas cunt! My dirty old father in law fucking our friend and my mate fucking my mother in law 😂

30 days ago

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