Bad foot 2

So I gave my wife a bit of time ,then appeared sorry baby I took so long but foot really hurting me ,that's fine she said, what you been up to I asked ,nothing was watching a couple fuck early ,ok I said anyone else watching ,no she said just me
Let's get some sun,so we lay down strip off and start to fondle each other not long in to it and a few men were watching us ,one moved very close and I said no that's close enough,she said it's ok let him watch us so I'm fingering her and he's there again wanking his cock which was a lot bigger then mine she moves round facing him I'm towards her feet next thing I see is she is wanking him off ,I said you ok doing that she said yes I want to see if I can make him cum ,she is tossing him off really quick now he's moaning I'm fucking her cunt with my fingers she's cumming over my hand it's pouring out of her he's about to spunk to, it's mad my wife is so turned on my cock is dribbling pre cum and then he's shooting his cream over her stomach,I wank my cock and cum over her tits , she's scooping the cum up mine and his and putting it in her mouth,licking her fingers after each scoop.

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  • I've been trying to get my foot in my wife's pussy. No luck so far.

  • Why can't a nose be twelve inches long? It would be a foot.

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