Pregnancy test...

Me and my beautiful wife are trying to get her pregnant. I enjoy cumming inside her above all else, but what happens next is my confession. Every time it comes to the time of month where we can find out of she is pregnant I get turned on by her peeing on the test. At first I resist, but then I am overcome with the urge to get her pee-soaked test out of the trashcan. She thoroughly soaks these things in her golden urine and I love how her pee tastes, a lethal combo. Sometimes she is messy and the whole thing is wet beyond the strip. I lick them thoroughly and then get to the dripping strip under the cap. I sniff her fragrant pee and then I can't resist. I stick the whole thing on my tongue and let her pee drop on my taste buds. At last I cannot hold back another second and I begin to suck her pee stick like a straw to her all her bitter, yet so yummy, piss. I mean every drop to, one day maybe she will piss directly in my mouth (preferably the dark morning pee that had been in her body all night). How do you tell your wife that even her pee turns you on?

2 months ago

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    • To the husband: STOP licking the pregnancy test strip (or any other test strips for that matter). They contain chemicals!

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