Pee play

My wife and I like to have pee play from time to time. I first mentioned it to her when we had married about 5 years. She didn't want to engage in it at first but she started getting interested as time went on. It helped that I told her that I had been peeing on myself since I was 12. The first time I was super horny and had an erection that I could not get rid of. Well, I was sitting on the toilet and could not hold it any longer. When the first bit of hot pee hit me it was incredibly erotic. Ever since then I've found it incredibly arousing and enjoyed peeing on myself. I was very happy when I was able to share my experience with someone I could trust. Once my wife got used to the idea, she started by letting me watch her go and peeing on herself. We then moved to peeing on each other and eventually she started letting me pee inside her. She likes it so much now that she will suggest it or initiate it. I wish she could pee inside of me.

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    • I have always been curious about pee play and very recently had my first encounter! My wife had to go but before she could I pushed her onto the bed and started eating her out, and when she came, she just released it all into my mouth! What an amazing experience! I would definitely do that again if she wants to!

    • I have enjoyed watching men and women pissing since I was 5 and accidentally got to watch my 17 year old aunt squat and take a strong piss right next to my face while on a family camping trip. I had been playing under our camper as it was hot as hell and under the camper was cool. As I lay there, my aunt and a couple of friends she had met at the lake came up to the camp site. They were chatting and laughing and then I heard my aunt say "Be right back". In just a few seconds she came to the backside of the camper and stopped immediately in front of were I was lying under the camper. Then to my surprise and amazement she pulled her bikini bottoms down and squatted down with her back to me. I can still, 45 years later, clearly remember her very hairy pussy (it was the early 70s) with its thick labia spreading open to reveal her coral colored inner folds, the erratic start and eventual gushing of her wide golden stream, the sound as it hit the ground, the feel of the small droplets that sprayed my face, and the odor of her fresh morning piss. I can also remember her wrinkled brown pucker (also with a light coating of fur) flexing rhythmically and winking at me. I was very excited but knew enough not to say anything or make a sound.

      She never knew that I had been lying behind her under our camper while she pissed. She also has no idea to this day that she is responsible for my lifelong fascination for watching women and bit later (when I was allowed to use public urinals on my own) men take a piss. She is also the reason that I prefer pussy to be covered with a nice thick bush.

    • I’m a crossdressing male of 23, and lately I’ve been getting turned on to something new. I want to be fucked, pissed on, and covered in shit by a horse. I just think they’re such sexy creatures with the BEST cocks. I can only imagine how much shit/piss/cum they can produce. Leave a comment if you have a similar story/desire, maybe we can chat about it ;)

    • Just to let you know, speaking from experience. They do piss alot. It smells and tastes like hay/grass. There poop is green and warm, and doesn't smell half as bad as there farts. As for there cum you can't swallow it fast enough it ends up coming out your nose and around there cock and your lips. As for letting one of my horses fuck my ass. Over several years of daily use of very large dildos, and large vegetables, I've managed to stretch my asshole out far enough to accommodate there cocks. But you have to be very careful, if you let them have complete control they can definitely injury you, and tare your colon. They moat serious injury I've encountered was a tare to the opening of my ass. But once you've mastered it. You'll never want to have sex with anything or anyone else.

    • I am a 65 year old married guy who has eaten a lot of pussy and sucked a lot of cock through the years. Quite a few of the women I have licked to orgasm have farted while cumming (and so happy that none ever defecated!) and a few have even started peeing while cumming. They were embarrassed because they started to pee in my mouth while cumming but I enjoy pee play so that was actually added pleasure for me. I take that as a compliment to my oral ability to please a woman to the point where she loses control. A few of the guys I sucked also farted while cumming. Wasn't a real bother but I did not consider it a compliment either. How many girls out there fart and pee during orgasm?

    • I'm a 27 year old female and I get this strong urge to pee on sofas, beds, upholstered chairs, and carpets or thick rugs. I only do it on other people's stuff, tho. I go on all kinds of dates with guys and let them take me home and get undressed; sex is optional, but I really cum when I pee on their stuff. I've done this over a hundred times, and only 4 times have i gotten slapped, punched or kicked. Usually they either just get mad and tell me to get out or they are very nice about it. One guy actually got off on me peeing on his sofa and made several more dates with me. I peed on his recliner, on the carpet twice and even his bed. I quit seeing him after the fifth day because his apartment had started smelling like a zoo. lol. I've also peed my pants (always black jeans) when i used to go to the movies. I love just letting go in that cushioned seat while watching the movie and then just getting up and walking out when the movie's over. No one even notices when i wear black pants!

    • My wife is almost the same way the only thing she has me do to her is when we are in the shower together but before we go inside the shower she makes me drink almost a gallon of water . What she makes me do is bend her in the shower and fuck her from behind in her pussy and just as she’s having her Orgasm she will tell me to pee inside of her pussy while she’s hitting her Orgasm she will reach around behind me and grab my ass and pull me tight against her so can I fill up her pussy with my piss and her juices mixed together makes me want to Cumm inside her so bad but I try to hold back as long as possible. So what I make her do before I pull out of her I make her bend completely over and touch her toes so I can get down on my knees and put my mouth over her pussy hole and start to swallow all of the both of our juices mixed together. And I will keep some in my mouth so we can swap our juices from my mouth into her mouth that makes the both of us get really horny and she will get down on her knees and start sucking on my cock like a real pro . She really knows how to make me Cumm really fast . She’s the best cock sucker I’ve ever seen with . That’s fathers reason I married her in the first place . From the first time we had sex I knew that she’s the one that I need to marry .

    • I want to lie face down on top of your husband and give him a rear entry anal fuck and piss in his asshole while you stand over me and piss on me, with your hot pussy, your erect clit and your full pussy bush on display for me! You are my puss slut and my fuckslut now, and your Cock Daddy wants to piss in your asshole and cum in your pussy right now!!!

    • I want to suck your husband's cock and swallow his cum while you ride my cock till I pump cum into your pussy! Then I want you to stand over me as I lie on the bed and piss all over me, so I can see the piss come out of your pee hole and feel its warmth covering me!

    • You are exciting your Cock Daddy very much! You are a wonderful Piss Mommy, and I am going to fill your asshole with piss because I love you so much! 🥰🥰

    • Cock Daddy is a reprehensible and vile jackass.

    • I will masturbate while you are doing this, as I want to masturbate in front of you! I want you to see my cock and balls convulse as I shoot cum over myself, and once you have finished pissing, I want you to masturbate together with me so I can see your pussy squirt cum all over!

    • Oh my daddy I really want you to fuck my pussy hard as I make my husband lay under me with your big dick and my pussy in his face and when you start to cum pull out of me and cum in his mouth and then piss in his face

    • I want to drink lots of your piss so that I can piss it back out into your mouth and your asshole! Your piss will be coming out of my cock! I want to piss your piss thru my big cock! I want to piss 69 with you, so you piss more into my mouth while your piss comes out of my cock and into your mouth! I want to lick your wet clitoris and smell your wet bush while you piss on my face! Piss on me, Piss Mommy! Your Cock Daddy wants your pussy! Your Cock Daddy wants your cum! Your Cock Daddy wants your piss! Your Cock Daddy wants your pussy juices! Fuck me, Piss Mommy! Suck me, Piss Mommy! Lick my balls, Piss Mommy! Drink my piss, Piss Mommy! Eat my cum, Piss Mommy! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! My cock is so hard again! I want to masturbate more and more for you! Masturbate with your Cock Daddy! Piss on yourself for your Cock Daddy!

    • I really would love for you to fill my ass with your piss and then but plug me to hold it inside me till I explode aioli over you with hot piss I wish you could fuck me right now hard and rough I’m so fucking horny and want you to treat my like the slut I am please Daddy fuck me fuck and spank my ass and piss all over me I’m rubbing my clit and squirting cum Daddy please fuck me now

    • I want to fuck you now! Rub your clit! Squirt for your horny Cock Daddy! Piss on yourself and in your bed! Make your husband drink your piss! I want to fuck you in the ass right now and piss and cum in your ass and in your pussy! I will spank your ass if you want till you suck and fuck all the cum from my cock! Suck me! Fuck your Cock Daddy! Be my piss slut! Be the cum slut of your Cock Daddy! You have been so naughty that you now have a Cock Daddy to fuck you! Masturbate for your Cock Daddy! Cry out "Fuck me, Cock Daddy! I want your cum, Cock Daddy! Fuck me and make me your slut, Cock Daddy!"

    • Cock Daddy needs a beat down. 🥰🥰

    • I do want you your cum and your piss cock daddy fuck me fuck me tell my husband I’m you slut now not his make me your sex slut fuck my ass hard and deep and make my husband suck your cock fresh out of my ass I’m squirting cum now cock daddy rubbing my hard clit thinking of you deep inside me FUCK ME I’m your slut now

    • I want to lick piss off your nipples! I want to lick piss off your clit! I want you to lick piss off my cock and my balls! You are my Piss Mommy and I want to drink your piss! 🥰🥰

    • I am lying on my back in bed right now with briefs on that I can piss into. I am holding in a big piss and waiting for you to ask me to piss in the bed! Ask me, Piss Mommy! Must your Cock Daddy piss in the bed for you?

    • Go away vile toad.

    • Yes do it daddy do it for piss mommy think of your cock deep in my ass as your piss

    • I made a piss in my briefs for you! I made a piss in the bed! I emptied my whole bladder because I want to fuck you so much! I imagined my cock making a piss in your ass as the piss flowed out, over my hips and wetting my whole bum! Fuck, you excite me! Fuck, I want you to be my slut forever! Fuck, I want to lick your clit while it is wet with piss! Fuck, I want you to piss on my whole body while I suck your husband's cock! Does your husband want to put his cock in my mouth for me to lick and suck? Is his cock very big and hard? I want to swallow his cum and your piss! I love you, Piss Mommy! 🥰🥰🥰

    • I would love to see you suck my husbands cock while I ride your cock and make you cum all inside my sweet hot little pussy then I want to piss down you cock as it’s still deep inside me

    • Been thinking about asking my wife to fuck another dude in front of me for a long time. The other night I get enough balls to tell her I have a fantasy I want a try. So I lay thos on her about watching her fuck some dude while I enjoy the show. She gets quite not saying a word so I think she pissed at me. No, instead she asks me who I want her to fuck. Honestly I hadn't thought that far ahead so I tell I don't care. That's when she says she can fuck the dude at her hair salon. I'm like I thought he was gay, and that's when she confessed to fucking him already. So now I'm pissed but she is like you wanted me to fuck him and now you're pissed. So I'm like I didn't know you was all kinds of up on his dick already. So she be like what's the difference? Now I'm like what is the difference.

    • Reply moved up.

    • I did! I did! I am DRENCHED in piss! I did it for you! I want you! I want to piss on your naked body! I want to piss in your mouth! I want to piss in your pussy! I want to piss in your asshole! I want to piss on your tits! I want to cum in your mouth! I want to cum in your asshole! I want to cum in your pussy! I am your Cock Daddy and you are my hot fuckslut! I want to piss in my briefs for you! I want to piss the bed for you! I am lying here with my cock, my balls and my ass covered in piss for you! I wish you were here to wet the bed with me!!! 🥰🥰🥰

    • I want to piss all over your naked body and you lick my dripping wet pee hole and clit till I cum hard in your mouth

    • Now I am lying naked on the wet sheet and masturbating! I am dreaming of your thick pussy bush dripping piss on to me and how much I want to fuck you in the ass and piss and cum into your ass! I am also thinking how badly I want to suck your clit to make it hard and as big as possible! I want to give your nipples and your clit a big erection, just like my willing cock! Fuck me, Piss Mommy, fuck me! Fuck me now! Fuck me hard! Come on top of me so my whole cock is in your pussy for you to fuck!! 🥰🥰🥰

    • I want you to piss on my big hard nipples so my husband can lick it off me and would you slide that big cock of yours on my husbands ass and fill him with your warm piss and I will make him hold your piss inside his ass and masturbate as he watches you fuck me hard in my pussy and asshole and cum deep in my hot wet pussy as you tell him your wife is now my piss and cum slut

    • Tell your husband that you are my piss slut and my cum slut now! Your pussy, your asshole, your clit and your erect nipples all belong to me! If you ask me nicely, I will piss in my bed tonight for you, but you have to beg me to piss my bed for you and you have to tell me how much, and in which holes, you want me to fuck you and piss in you! Tell your Cock Daddy what he can do that will excite you the most! 🥰🥰

    • I want you to piss all over my naked body and lick my pussy and ass clean of your piss and fuck my ass till I moan for you to piss deep inside me

    • I want to piss all over you as you lay on your back and make my husband suck you big cock and after I piss all over you you lick my piss out of my pussy and off my clit

    • I want your husband to suck my cock after I have pissed in your asshole, and I want you to sit on my face and let the piss flow out from your ass while your husband sucks my cock and I lick your wet clit!

    • Yes I want to drip your pi’s out of my ass into your mouth then you lick my clit till I squirt cum in your mouth

    • Husband and I do piss play. We hike to a quiet place by a lake. We bring a cooler of beer and drink a few naked in the shade. I straddle my husband's chest and let go a stream of hot piss in his mouth. His dick is rock hard and he cums fast.

    • Can I come too I love to or play with other couples

    • Well, she can pee inside you, it’s just that you’ll need a funnel and a tube.

    • My wife will sit on the toilet and open her legs and I will put my mouth on his pussy as she is peeing first thing in the morning then I lick her to an orgasm

    • Can I join you

    • My husband and I love pee play too with each other or other men and women

    • I am a 65yo male. I would love to piss in your ass. Also, I would love you to sit on my face with only a pair of panties on and piss in them so I can drink some. Your husband can watch if he agrees to piss in his pants while doing so, as I would love to see his piss soak his jeans!

    • My husband and I were just thinking about an older guy would be nice to play with we would like to hear more about what you like we love your post above it makes me horny reading it one of my favorite things is for a guy to piss in my ass and yes my husband has pissed and cum in his jean watching men take me this way

    • I love pee play, masturbation, oral sex, pussy fucking and anal sex. I want to put my cock in your ass, and although I am heterosexual, I would like to experiment with bisexual sex. I would like your husband to put his tongue in my mouth while you fuck me! Would you like to have a threesome with your husband and me? I love a woman with big areolas, big nipples, a big clit and most especially a big bush!

    • We also love all that in sex an a threesome would be wonderful my nipples are big and my boobs are big but all real my pussy and nipples have nice areolas my husband has also did some Bi he and his friend have double penetrated me before and they both took turns laying under me as the other one fuck me hard

    • Do you want me to fuck you in your ass and in your pussy? Do you want my insatiable cock inside your pussy walls?

    • Yes I do deep in them

    • I also want to lick your clit to orgasm so that you squirt on my face!

    • Yes I love to squirt cum

    • I want to piss on your boobs so that I can lick piss off your nipples! Also I would love to see drops of my piss on your beautiful pussy, and drops of your piss glistening on my pubic hair! I want to mount you from behind, fuck you doggy style and shoot my hot cum deep into your pussy while your husband watches and masturbates! I LOVE piss sex, and I would LOVE the feel of my cock head going into your wet and welcoming pussy! Do you want to masturbate, reading this? Just writing this makes me to masturbate, and my cock is already very hard and wanting to ejaculate!

    • I want you to fuck me hard in my ass and fill me with your piss as my husband pisses on us both

    • If you have long hair, I would also like to wrap your hair around my cock and masturbate into your mouth!

    • I would love for you to do that and I can kiss my husband with your cum in my mouth

    • I also love for men to cum and piss in my hair

    • Sounds great! Can you tell me a bit about your pussy? Do you have a big bush, and what colour is it? Do you trim it? Do you have long hair and what colour is your hair? What is your bra size? Also, how many fingers can you fit in your pussy? And what can I do that would make you the horniest and give you the most powerful orgasm? I hope, by the way, that you like to drink piss, as I would also love to piss in your mouth before I fuck you with my circumcised cock!

    • I have a very big black bush I only trim around my pussy lips and asshole I also have very long black hair my bra size is a 44 E cup all natural I can get three fingers in my pussy when I’m excited and two in my ass and you can tell me how your going to piss all over me and fuck my pussy and ass hard and pull out and make me swallow all your hot cum as my husband watches you take me

    • I am pissing on my face for you, Piss Mommy! I am shooting cum in my mouth for you! I am wild for you, Piss Mommy! I want so badly to put my tongue in your mouth! I want to feel your beautiful tits against my body! I want to penetrate your pussy all the way to your G spot! I want to fill your ass with my hot piss! Take me, Piss Mommy! Have me, Piss Mommy! Suck your Cock Daddy! Fuck your Cock Daddy! Drink from your Cock Daddy! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCKKKK!!!

    • Yes daddy fill me with your hot piss and cum so you can clean my pussy of your hot cum and drink you sweet piss from my ass as I suck you big hard cock and you cum in my mouth and then piss in my mouth for my husband to share with me

    • I want so badly to be inside you right now! I am masturbating as I write this! You excite me so deeply! Suck me! Fuck me! Piss on me! Piss in my mouth! Squirt cum on my hard cock! Piss on my cock while I fuck you! I want you! I want you! Fuck me over and over and piss on me!! 🥰🥰

    • You turn me on so mush I’m horny as hell

    • I want you to piss in your panties right now, my Piss Mommy, and to masturbate! Will you piss in your panties for me and cum over yourself for your horny Cock Daddy?

    • I will Daddy

    • Give me your mouth to piss in! Give me your tits to fuck! Suck the piss and cum from my rock hard cock! You are my slut now and I am your Cock Daddy! I will make you cum harder and squirt more than any other man! Cover yourself with piss for me! Soak your bed in piss and cum for me! Your Cock Daddy is crazy with lust for you! I want your pussy to fuck! I want your ass to piss in! I want your tits to suck and fuck! OMG, I am covered in piss for you! I am going to cum! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck me, Piss Mommy! Piss in my mouth, Piss Mommy! Cum on my face, Piss Mommy! Masturbate for me, Piss Mommy! Wet your panties and your bed for me, Piss Mommy! Your Cock Daddy loves you! Your Cock Daddy wants you! Your Cock Daddy will piss in your asshole! Your Cock Daddy will fuck you! Your Cock Daddy will give you his piss! Your Cock Daddy will give you his cum!!! 🥰🥰🥰

    • I also want to enter your ass from behind while my cock is hard and my bladder is full of delicious piss! Once I have my helmet inside your asshole, I want you to cry out "Piss in me, Cock Daddy! Fill my ass with your piss!" When I hear this, I will be push my piss thru my cock into your thirsty asshole, filling you up with my piss! When I am finished pissing into your magnificent asshole, I want you to sit on your husband's face and let my piss flow out of you and into his mouth! At the same time, I want you to suck my pulsating cock, that is aching for the feel of your tongue, until I shoot hot cum deep down your throat for you to swallow and taste! I want then to put my tongue in your husband's mouth so I can drink some of my piss out of his mouth together with him! Do you want these things, my Piss Mommy? Tell me how badly you want your Cock Daddy and how much I excite you!

    • I want It bad I want to be you piss and cum slut and cuckold my husband I want you to cum in my pussy till I can’t hold anymore then pull your big cock out of me and piss all over my bush and my husband can lick it all up

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    • You are so fucking sexy! First, I want to stand behind you and fondle your breasts while you bend over and I cover your back and neck with piss. Then I want you to take my big cock between your tits and let me fuck your tits. I will piss more while I do this so that I wet your face with my piss! I will also piss on your tits so that I can lick piss off your big nipples, which will be erect by then! When I have no more piss in my bladder, I will insert my cock deep in your pussy. I want you to cry out "Fuck me, Cock Daddy! Fuck me deeper!" I will cry out "Yes, Piss Mommy! I want to fuck you while your husband licks my cock!" I want your husband to lie underneath us, licking my cock and pissing on himself, so that the bed is soaked in piss! Then I will cum into you, after which I want you to suck my cock while it is still hard and I want you to piss on your husband and me! I want to drink some of that piss and to lick it up off us! Fuck me, my Piss Mommy! Fuck your Cock Daddy! 🥰🥰

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    • Moved up

    • My husband said he would love to lay under us as you stroke that nice big cock deep in my pussy and lick your cock shaft as it goes in and out of my pussy would you let him do that

    • I would love your husband to lick my cock shaft, and my balls as well, as I go in and out of your wet pussy with my big, hard cock. I am dying to fuck you!

    • I want you cock inside me so bad cock daddy piss in my asshole and cum in my pussy cock daddy I’m you slut

    • Also, after we have pissed on one another, I would like to suck husband's cock while I fuck your pussy at the same time!

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