2nd story about masturbation and neighborhood voyeurism

This is a continuation to my recent story about my neighbor watching my wife undress. I tried to avoid my neighbor who I caught watching my wife undress and masturbate. For 1 I was sneaking over numerous times the next few months watching his wife and daughter undress, lay in bed in just their panties or less. especially during the summer. I knew with winter coming along it would change the opportunities. After a few months though my neighbors wife got to be close friends with my wife. She told me she liked her but was caught off guard a a few days ago when she visited Angie. She had on only her short nighty and wasn't wearing any under things. I laughed when she told me. I said she probably forgot or didn't see it as bad since it was just you 2. She said that is what Angie said. My wife told me she is a very pretty and sexy woman. I tried not to react but my wife said she was secretly getting turned on by her nakedness. I asked why she felt that way. She said she smelt like she just had a bath and had on a very sexy and provocative perfume. She said it made her feel like she was supposed to do something. I asked my wife like what? She said like maybe get involved sexually. I asked my wife if she would go there? She said she had secretly had feelings about some women even some of her close friends who flaunted when they had sleepovers as teens and she saw their bodies naked. I asked why she hadn't tried anything and she was afraid of being turned down or taken incorrectly. I said next time at least ask or maybe return the favor for her. She said she never thought about trying that. I told her I'd support whatever she does as long as we both share so there isn't any surprises since we are adults.
My wife set up a coffee at her house the next week and told me she would wear her sheer night gown and just her panties. I said boy even I had trouble with seeing her in that outfit.
The next Friday my wife did her thing and I was excited to get home and hear how it went. My wife didn't know I knew Angie was working her plan and my wife had sort of played into it. I told my neighbor my wife's plan and he told his wife Angie. That Friday night when I got home my wife was all giddy and couldn't wait to tell me what happened. She said Angie was really surprised at her outfit. Angie told my wife she thought she had a beautiful body and should be proud of it and show more. Anyway they chatted over coffee and ended up going to our bedroom and my wife had her first lesbian experience. She said she never dreamed oral sex with a woman would be so satisfying. She said Angie ate her pussy for so long and she had 3 orgasms. She then said Angie coached her how to eat her pussy and they almost forgot what time it was and it was their lil secret. Well I knew both of us guys were hot to chat about how this turned out. The next time my wife and Angie had coffee I planned to watch and so did my neighbor.

1 month ago

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