Girls night out

Linda my wife is best friends with Angie. These two have been friends for ever, I'm pretty sure if they were lesbians they would be married, I'm actually not even sure they haven't licked each others pussy before.

They normally have a womens night out once a month where these two and several other friends go out doing god only knows what. I normally make plans with my buddies the same night and all is well. We have been doing this now for the last 3 years or so, and there has never been any hiccups, until this last time.

I had made plans with a buddy of mine to go fishing over night. We were going to go jugging so only him and I were going. At the last minute he called to say he was not fellow well and wasn't going to make it. I called some of my other buddies but they had already made plans with other things. I decided to stay home and figured I would play some video games and chill.

I was standing in the kitchen when Linda walked through and asked why I hadn't left. I told her what happened, then Angie walked in and they left. About and hour later I was playing video games when Linda and Angie came walking back in. I asked why they were home and they looked at each other with this grin, then said they came home to keep me company. I was like Okay, and went back to playing video games. They went up stairs and a few minutes later both of them came back downstairs wearing sexy lingerie. Linda told me Angie felt bad for me home by myself and this was her idea. I looked at Angie and she nodded her head yes. They told me to sit back and enjoy.

They started music and both of them started dancing, and giving me lap dances. Everytime I would try to touch one of them they would slap me. Then Angie started rubbing my dick. Of course I was already hard, so this made it even harder. She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. Linda bent down and took me in her mouth as Angie helped guide me into her mouth. Then they took turns sucking on my dick.

They finally took off all their clothes and instructed me to do the same. Again I tried to touch Angie's tits but was smacked away. Instead she straddled me and Linda guided my dick into her pussy. They both took turns riding me until I finished, luckily I was in my wife when I finished.

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  • Lucky you.

  • My girlfriend was very promiscuous. She was friends with a woman she worked with who was probably 15 years older than us. Unbeknownst to me until later, my girlfriend had been telling this older woman how big my dick was for a long time. I'm probably 9 plus inches hard. So anyway this woman was over at our house one weekend when they decided to start fucking with me. My girlfriend kept daring me to show her friend how big I was. I finally unzipped my pants and kicked them off. They both started stroking my dick and before the night was over I had fucked both of them.

  • Why wouldn't you have like to have cummed inside Angie?

  • They should have tied you up and pegged you good.

  • This is kind of hard to believe

  • My bff asked me to have a threesome with her and her husband for his birthday one year. At first I said no, but she talked me into it. She told him to go fishing and when he got home we were waiting for him naked in their bed. I have literally never seen a guy strip naked and jump in bed as fast as he did.
    Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, it does happen.

  • Omg, I did the same thing with one of my friends who wanted to give her boyfriend a Christmas gift. We dressed up in those sexy Santa lingerie outfits and walked into the game room where he was playing video games. Probably the worst sex I ever had.

  • I gave an ex boyfriend a threesome with my best friend so not too hard to believe. Some girls are into it too.

  • Truth is stranger than fiction.

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