Life Long Cuckold Part 1

Sorry this is going to be long but I really just need a place to get all of this out. I have had a Cuckold fetish for almost 35 years, ever since I caught my high school sweetheart fucking another guy. Since then I was married for 25 years and we had a cuckold relationship for almost 18 years. I am now divorced, she left me for one of her lovers, and I am now with someone new for the last 3 years. My new relationship has been a normal vanilla relationship and I did not have desires for her to cuckold me until recently which I will get to at the end.

It really all began when I started suspecting my girlfriend (Laurie) in high school of cheating on me. We dated our Senior year in high school and before that she had been dating a guy since she was a freshman. He was a year older than her and when he left for college he broke up with her. The whole time we dated I know she did not feel the same way about me as I did about her but I still decided to switch colleges to one that a few miles from her college in hopes we would be together.

About a week or so into our summer before college I noticed Laurie started having excuses as to why she could not hang out. This went on for a few weeks and told me she was wanting to spend some time with her friends before they went to school and she wasn't trying to blow me off. One night I kept driving by her house waiting for her to get home hoping I could sneak in her basement patio door like we always used to do. When I saw her car was finally home I went to park on an access road for a golf course that was down the road from her house that no one ever was on. When I got there I saw another car parked where I always did and I just knew something was weird.

Laurie had the whole downstairs of her parents house to herself. She was a bit spoiled. She had her own bedroom, bathroom, and living room and most importantly doors that opened up to the back patio. When I got around the back of her house I could tell through the blinds that the TV was on. Just before I knocked on the glass door I heard a guys voice so I ducked behind a tree thinking it may have been her father. After a few minutes I snuck back over and peered through the blinds on the door and I was suddenly hit in the gut by the sight of Laurie on the couch making out with her ex-boyfriend. I felt sick to my stomach and I ran into the yard to throw up. I wanted to run in there and kick his ass but he was a lot bigger than me and I knew I would just get my ass stomped. Instead I walked back to the window and ended up watching them fuck. I admit I cried like a baby all the way home. I didn't leave my house for a week because I was waiting on her to call so I could rip into her but she never did.

When I laid awake at nights thinking about it I would always get a hard on. At some point I began masturbating to the thought of him fucking her in different positions on that couch. In fact sometimes I still masturbate thinking about it as it is still burned into my brain like it was yesterday.

I attended college for one year before I decided to join the Air Force. I dated a girl (now my ex-wife Angie) I met at college and before I left I asked her to marry me. Surprisngly, she said yes. We decided to get married after I was stationed at my first base which would take about 8 months between bootcamp and training. Angie was smoking hot and because of that she would often get hit on. She quit telling me when it would happen because she could tell it upset me. It was hard being at bootcamp and not being able to talk to her except through mail and a couple times on the phone. It was during bootcamp that I started having dreams about her getting fucked by some guy back at college.

When I got to tech school after basic she was finally able to come visit. The first time we had sex it was over before it started because I had so much sexual tension built up. We spent a weekend together at a hotel and we bought her engagement ring and made it official. We were apart again for another 2-3 months while I finished tech school and moved to a temporary base where I did on the job training before my final base of duty. That whole time apart I kept thinking about her fucking other guys. When she came to visit again at my temporary duty base I luckily had my own dorm room so I snuck her in and out. I'm not sure exactly how it came up but I confessed that I had been having fantasies about her fucking other guys. Surprisingly it turned her on and we had sex while talking about it. Afterwards she told me it would only be a fantasy and would never really happen. I would bring it up on the phone from time to time since we talked almost every night on the phone but she would shut me down.

From the beginning I only planned to enlist for 4 years because I knew I wanted to go back and finish college. During my time in the Airforce we made friends with a few other couples. One of my buddies Dave had a trust fund that paid him every month that allowed him to have a pretty decent apartment for our rank. Angie (now my wife) did not really like his wife but they did get along ok. They would have us over to grill and swim at the pool at their complex a couple times a month. Dave and his wife separated for a few months and she went back home to live with her mom. I actually blame him because he could be a dick sometimes. He still invited us over to use the pool and hang out and we had actually got to know some of the other people that lived there so it wasn't too weird.

On one of these occasions after a long day of drinking at the pool we went up to Dave's apartment to make something to eat. Angie was wearing some Daisy Duke cut-off shorts over her bikini and Dave being drunk kept making comments to the effect of how good she looked. After we ate we decided to watch a movie Dave rented. Angie and I spooned on the couch and Dave sat in his recliner. Angie got up to go to the bathroom and when she came back she turned off the lights and threw a blanket on top of us. The AC was on and she was cold she said. Once under the covers Angie put my hand down her shorts to show me she had removed her bikini bottom. She was really wet and it was easy for me to slip a finger into her pussy. I could see Dave sneaking peeks out of the corner of his eye.

After about five minutes of our undercover play Dave got up and turned off the movie and put another tape in the VCR saying he wanted to show us something. When it came on it was instantly obvious that it was going to be a sex tape that he and his wife Jenny made. It was really tuning Angie on watching it because she was slowly moving her hips back and forth against my hand and she let me untie her bikini top. Even in the dark it was obvious to Dave what was happening and he finally asked what was going on under those covers. I threw the cover off and he got a view of Angie topless with her shorts unbuttoned and halfway pulled down. Dave grabbed his Camcorder and asked if he could film us. It took a little convincing but Angie was really horny so she agreed.

When Dave started filming he took all of his clothes off, he said it was to make us feel more comfortable, but I knew it was because he was hoping to join in. I kept trying to coax Angie into sucking his cock but she wouldn't do it. Dave told Angie she should put on some high heels of Jenny's and so they went back to their bedroom to try some on. They were gone about five minutes before they came back and we filmed a little longer before I finally came on Angie's back while I was fucking her doggy style. We fell asleep on the couch and finally left sometime in the middle of the night.

The next day Angie kept saying she couldn't believe that happened and how embarrassed she will be to be around Dave again. She also confessed that Dave jacked off onto her tits while she was trying on shoes. She swears she never touched him although I had hoped she had. Eventually Angie got over it and about a month later we repeated the same night almost exactly has we had before only this time she did jerk him off. The next week Jenny moved back and we never did anything with them again as couples.

Fast forward 3-4 years and I had just finished college and was working at my first real job. Angie was doing sales for a company that sold industrial food processing equipment. Every so often we act out a fantasy where she would confess to fucking someone while we were having sex. I told her many times that I would not be jealous if she did and how much it would turn me on. My dream finally came through when Angie returned home from a trade show and told me she had something to confess. I immediately got rock hard and told her to tell me but she said she would later after we are in bed. Once in bed she started rubbing my cock and telling me her confession. On the second night of the trade show Angie and her co-workers from other sales territories went out to eat and have drinks. One of the guys was really putting the full court press on her all night. She told me he used to play college football for a Big 10 school I will not name so needless to say he was a big dude. After they went back to the hotel they all went up to one of her female co-workers rooms that had an adjoining door to Angie's room. Long story short they played truth or dare things started getting raunchy. One of the women got pissed and left, one showed her tits and one made out with one of the guys. Angie was dared to make out for five minutes with the ex football dude in the other room so they went in and one thing led to another and she gave him a blowjob. They were gone quite a while and when they got back only two people were left and they gave them the shame shame. She is sure they watched.

After that the flood gates were opened.

Feb 22

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