Life Long Cuckold Part 2

Angie began fucking whoever she wanted and each time she would come home and tell me about it while we fucked. We never had a guy that was comfortable letting me watch but there were two that were good with her filming. One liked to hold the camera and tell me how he loved fucking my wife. She quit for about 2 years while we had our son but started back up about a year after that. One time she had one of her lovers spend the weekend while I took or boy to stay at my mom's. I set up little digital tape recorders in the house that had almost 20 hours of record time and got a lot of great audio of them fucking in different rooms of the house. They went out to eat and she is sure one of our acquaintances saw them making-out outside the restaurant.

She fucked one of her customers in his office and a few other times until he became obsessed with her. He was wanting to leave his wife, it was bad to the point she didn't want to do it anymore. That didn't last long because she fucked her boss one time and then she hooked up with another customer and she saw him off and on for seven years. During that time she was also seeing a guy that lasted three years and he was my favorite.

Angie met Luis when she was travelling in the midwest seeing some customers. Luis was with a group of guys on a motorcycle road trip. When she got back to the hotel they were drinking in the parking lot. Luis was not her usual type. She was not much into the biker look. They asked her to come over and have a drink and she refused but after she got cleaned up she looked out the window and they were still out there so she said what the heck and went out to have a drink with them. They ended up talking her into being their designated driver and driving them in her car to a bar. They went to one bar and left and ended up at a strip club. As soon as they sat down Luis staked his claim on her. He sat next to her and put his arm around her. She said it was all a blur and when they got back to the hotel they were practically tearing each others clothes off on the way to the room. She said she hardly slept that night.

Luis was a very alpha male type. He also had an enormous cock. I saw it many times on their fuck tapes they made. He was very dominant and aggressive in bed. She was not like that with me at all. With him she was very submissive and also very vocal, talking about his big cock etc. She even told him on a video once that he owned her pussy. She went and stayed with him many times over the three years and he even introduced her to his family as his girlfriend. She gave him a blowjob in the back of a taxi after they left a baseball game.

Her other main lover that overlapped Luis that she saw for seven years lived ten hours away so she only saw him maybe three or four times a year. She told me his dick was even bigger than Luis's but he was not cool with me even knowing they were having an affair so she always acted to him like I had no idea. Because of this I never saw his cock but from what I saw of Luis his appeared to be about 8 inches long and as big around as a Red Bull can.

All in all she had fourteen different sex partners and only two were one and done. Most were either co-workers or customers except Luis and another guy she fucked a few times whose kid was in our kids class. They were on a school committee together. My ex-wife never dressed slutty except a little when she was younger. If you would meet her you would think she was a professional woman and still nice looking for 50. Our marriage ended when she started fucking a guy we actually knew from back in college. They ran into each other and he only lives one town over from where we live. That one blindsided me because she kept that one secret and never told me about it until I caught her using the find my phone app. She told me she was in Atlanta for a conference but I could tell she seemed weird. I tracked down where she was really staying and it shocked me who she was with. She ended up wanting a divorce and now she is with him.

Since that time I have started a new relationship in the last three years. As I think I mentioned in the first part I did not have any cuckold/hotwife type feelings with this woman like I did before, that is, until recently. My new woman has been divorced for 12 years now and in that time she dated and even lived with a few guys. She has always presented herself as a goody goody and said she has only had seven sexual partners in her life. I have only had three. A few weeks ago I was trying to find some touch up paint to fix a spot on one of her walls and I found her journals in a closet in her basement. I know she writes every night in her journal but on a few occasions I peaked it was stuff about work or somewhere we went to eat. I discovered that she has actually had 13 different sexual partners and even a one night stand. Something she told me she would never do. She talked about how her ex husband had a huge penis and it hurt to have sex.

Anyway now all I can think about is that. I'm sure at some point I will tell her my fantasy. Hopefully she is accepting of it and I don't ruin things.

Feb 22

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    • I became a cuckold about a year after we were married she had a couple of boyfriend's that she was fucking that she would tell me about when we were having sex. After about 4 years of her fucking other men she started to deny me sex and told me to please myself then she took cuckolding to the extreme and she locked my dick in a cage that I wore 24/7 only taking it off for me to clean and shave myself sometimes when I was laying on the bed waiting for her to put the gage on me she would tease me and get me hard and edge me close to cumming then stop and let me go soft and locked me up again. I have never regretted being a cuckold for her because it was my choice and something that I wanted I love to serve her and watch her enjoying other men. But I understand that this lifestyle is not for everyone.

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