My wife and her step daughter forced rapped me

My wife and her step daughter forced rapped me last night .
When I got home from work yesterday around b5:30 in the evening I was really tired but they didn’t care they jumped on top of me and started to undress super fast like the to of them are in heat !
I guess it’s because the both of them are pregnant by me ! By mistake but I’m so happy that I’m going to be a father . The doctors told me I can’t have any kids that I have a problem with my reproductive system ! I guess I proved him wrong!
So my wife and her step daughter forced me down on the bed and started to suck on my dick I was already hard as a rock having sex with 2 pregnant women for me is such a turn on !
I really love how the 2 of them had taken full control over me they started to use me like I was a living sex doll !
But all I know that I was getting mounted like I was a horse they started to ride me like 2 crazy ass Women .
I was really enjoying myself and how they are taking advantage of me. They would take turns on who’s in my and who’s riding on my dick !
I was getting ready to shoot off my load inside of my wife’s step daughter because her pussy was still so tight ! Because I’m the only man she’s been with ! I know that for a fact because on her 21 birthday I’m the one had taken her virginity!
So just I’m about to Cumm inside of her she jumped off of me and the 2 of them started sucking on my dick and me Cumm on their faces at the same time and they started to lick all of my Cumm off of their faces! I was still so horny and hard I couldn’t help myself not to fucking them again ! We went at it for at least 4 hours before I couldn’t go any longer !
They had Born me out!
I such a lucky man and soon to be a father of 2 kids I can’t wait for them to be born !
But I’m really sure that between now and then we are going to have a lot more hot sex between the 3 of us !

1 month ago

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    • I can't believe they made you listed to rap music! That's just fucking wrong!! That shit should be illegal. You should have raped the hell out of both of them for making you hear that jungle bunny crap.

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