Bisexual man

There is way to many people on this site that only try’s to knock down other people for leading a different lifestyle then the people that shouldn’t even be on this site !
But it’s obvious that they have a interest in the story’s that they are reading and making rude comments about other people that are letting others know that you don’t need to hide your desires and fetish’s from other people no matter what you do with your body it’s your choice not anybody else to make the call for your life !

I’ve had some people on this site saying that should die from aids and kind of other nasty comments !
So if someone writes a nasty comment just please let them know that your choice with what you do with your body and the person that your involved with it’s always their choice also !
So just tell them to mind your own Business !
Just make sure that the person who get involved with bus D/ D free and make to use a condom if your not sure and you just need to get fucked !
I’ve been involved with gay guys transgenders and we man and I always practice safe sex !
If you read this comment please feel free to to write a comment good or bad it’s your choice not mine ! ☮️❤️😀ness to all people including the judge mental people!

1 month ago

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    • Such a wonderful post, thank you XX

    • What?

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