Peehole play

A few years ago, I discovered a wonderful aspect of masturbation that I didn't know existed. There was a video that I accidentally stumbled across on some porn website showing male and female urethral insertions. At first, I was horrified. But the longer I thought about it, the more turned on I became and wanted to try it for myself. The people in the video would insert different objects into their urethra(s), like stringed beads, sounding rods, etc. One woman inserted a small dildo into her peehole and even had a guy's cock in her bladder, where he unloaded his cum into her. Holy shit, that's hot!!

Before I say anything else, I should tell you that if you decide to try this, you must be completely hygienic and sterile or risk getting a urinary track infection. I'm a germaphobe by nature, so I've never had the issue. Clean your hands and whatever toys you use with soap and hot water, before and after. Use plenty of lubrication. It will still sting a little bit at first, but the more you do it, the less pain is involved.

Anyway, I started out using smaller things to insert into my urethra. Things like straws and such. The more I thought about it, the more my imagination came to life, and I caught myself looking for new and unusual objects to try. I'd be shopping in a store and see something that I thought might be fun, and I'd buy it, go home and get naughty. Plus, checking out other peoples' experiences gave me new ideas as well. I graduated to using glass stir sticks, beads on strings, charging cable wires (like the ones you use to charge phones), etc. Some of the things actually go into my bladder and feel so good sliding past my prostate and filling me up on the inside. The string beads are so fun...I can now get 36 into my peehole and bladder.

So I had an idea one day while I was at work. I'm a contractor and often have access to customers' houses. Well, some of these customers have gorgeous young daughters, and I've taken my share of liberties. One girl in particular, a hot little blonde gymnast with a tight little ass and a knack for teasing me, became the object of my affection not too long ago. I had to do some work in her room and noticed that she never flushed her toilet before going to school. Reflecting on a video that I seen on a porn website where a woman peed into a tube that was coming out of her peehole and was directly inserted into her male partner's peehole and filled his bladder with her urine, I wanted to have that same experience with this young lady, albeit without her knowledge and assistance. After she left one day, I flushed her toilet and cleaned it with various chemicals, and flushed it again two or three times. The next morning, as expected, she had peed and not flushed. So I sucked her pee out with a siphon hose into a sterile bottle and took it home when I left work that day.

That night, I made sure to pee before starting, then I poured her urine into a special bottle that I had made that has a long, soft, flexible tube attached to the tapered nozzle. The tube is about 11 inches and the nozzle is about 4 inches...long enough to insert all the way into my bladder with a couple of inches left over while fully erect. So I did it. I inserted the tube into my urethra and filled my bladder with her pee. It felt fucking wonderful! Just knowing her fluids were inside me, filling my bladder to the point that it made me fill like I needed to pee, feeling the tube rubbing against my prostate and seeing it coming out of my was just too much! I took the tube out and just walked around for awhile, fighting the urge to urinate. I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.

When I was ready, I got into my shower and peed her pee back out, all over myself. I sat down and leaned up against the shower wall, and just let it flow. I started cumming almost immediately, without even stroking my dick. One of the best orgasms I've ever had!

Now, I just have to find a way to have her pee directly into my bladder like the couple in the porn video, and visa versa. Working on that as we speak : )

1 month ago

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    • Stretching pee-slit is great erotic fun. I can insert my index finger using some lube into the slit at ease. Recently I convinced my wife to do the same with her urethra. Thighs raised and wide spread I put my cock-head around her stretched pee slit and let me go to fill her bladder. After sometime I go down her and suck her pee slit and clit together - she orgasm so hard that I get another hard on! We then fuck!!

    • That really sounds like a really intense way to get yourself off !
      I’m definitely definitely going to try that tonight I already have a bott more a a small piece of soft rubber tube and a jar of lube that I’m going to put to use !
      I’m going to my girlfriend to per into my bottle for me and her to try this crazy idea. It really sounds like a real turn on for her and myself!
      Just reading your story made me really horny . I can’t wait to get back home and tell my girlfriend what I want to try with her helping me doing it .
      We like to try really kinky new things with each other’s body’s . 😱👍. Tomorrow I will write a new comment about how it goes with my girlfriend and I it and how much it hurts and the amount of intense fun and sex we have afterwards . To be continued !!!

    • You'll love it, believe me. And you have to try this other thing....fill your bladder with KY Jelly, the thick kind, and pee it back out. It's like having an orgasm without cumming, and then you can cum after that to make the experience drag out for a long time.

      My cock is so hard just thinking about your girlfriend peeing in a bottle for you to use in your own bladder. I'm jerking off right now to the thought. Hope I helped you find a new way to orgasm, and help your girlfriend get off, too. Wish I were there to help and watch : )

    • You should satisfy yourself by having a nice ANKEN a lot better than any of the crap described here.

    • Bro. What in the actual fuck

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