Pubescent stepdaughter

Long held secret that only my wife knows. Her daughter was 10 when we married. She started to develop when she was 12. My wife and I are well educated and borderline perverted and share some deviant interests. We were living in a townhouse at the time and did not discourage her daughter from parading around scantily dressed, so she was not inhibited but we were not blatant about our nudity together. If it seemed natural like getting dressed or after a shower that was okay.

The daughter was developing breasts and seemed happy to show them while being silly. I was not used to seeing young girls undressed and became quite interested. Once while I was taking a shower, the daughter came into the bathroom wearing only a white towel tied just above her breasts. For some reason I had left the shower curtain partially open and watched as she stood in front of the mirror preening. Her towel slipped down over her breasts and I remember feeling very stimulated. The bathroom door was open so I was not hiding anything from my wife.

On impulse the daughter decided to join me in the shower. I was now in a very awkward situation of making a scene or acting natural. Anyone with an imagination can understand my predicament. I acted as though this was not unusual but I believe she knew she was being bold and I knew I was getting aroused. With the water running I gave her the soap and we both lathered up. Her back was to me and I did not want her to see my growing erection.

Yes, I rubbed soap onto her back and she did not object when I continued with her shoulders and down over her breasts. I do not know if it was sexual to her, but it had become extremely sexual for me. I do not know how far I went with the soap but I did not intentionally try and stimulate her. She did not touch me. I diligently tried to hide my turgid penis but not entirely successfully. This was not mutual sexual play but the event has stuck with me as unbelievably erotic ever since. Of course I related the incident to my wife who actually thought it was pretty sexy.

For the next year or so as the daughter went through this phase, there were numerous occasions when there was full or partial nudity involving us and I must confess that I enjoyed horsing around with her as much as she enjoyed it. She enjoyed calling our bed the family bed and often before bedding down in her bed she would get in bed between us in a nightie or even naked. Nothing happened but I relive those times in my fantasies. She was truly an impish tease to me and I was able to manage my basest impulses that were relieved through masturbation and sex with my wife who I think found the entire situation sexy as it fueled her long held fantasy of incest.


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  • My ex and I were at a cheap hotel with one shower per floor -- late 60's. There was a pool with and outdoor 6 head shower-- unofficially just for guys for obvious reasons. Her and another young lady would crash the guys shower because of the long wait at theirs -- I would make believe I didn't know her but I had her back without looking protective boyfriend. The last day we were there the other girl was already gone. Some older guy -- mid 30's washes her back -- then her front -- she gets all hot and gives him a blowjob. I get excited and I fuck her. Lucky a football team didn't drop in. I can see how gang bangs happen to nice girls. This girl was thinking of being a nun. Later she was like wtf -- how did I do that -- are you mad? I was like we'll never see him again and I was just in awe of it all.

  • I like that your wife has incest fantasies and I think you should discuss this with her. Maybe your wife will seduce your stepdaughter and you can watch and also participate. Your wife can teach your stepdaughter who “Daddy” is and what she needs to do to please Daddy. The three of you can all have fun together and then you and your wife can discuss it later and share your perverted fantasies and desires. And “your girl” will be willing to play it out with her mom and stepdad.

  • My stepdaughter 17 has always been very sexy and bold around the house, so hard keeping away from her she always goes around naked or semi naked

  • When my wife is away and that is quite often my stepdaughter 18 and I sleep together we have the most amazing sex, my wife knows because she put her on the pill when she was 16 about the time we started seriously fooling around in the house.
    We don't parade the subject and don't have any sex when my wife is home but my stepdaughter will about once a week jump in the shower with me.

  • Lucky bastard.. there's defo an incest 3sumnin the horizon, alcohol is needed

  • Don't know if i could resisted. Just being honest.

  • Such self control you are truly a wonderful stepfather, I don't think it would really matter if your stepdaughter knew you became excited seeing her naked or sharing the shower, my daughter from 13 shared showers with me I almost always got an erection while soaping her ALL over and drying her off after she used to spend quite some time soaping my erect penis, nuts and bum but nothing happened, I can tell you it was so hard but my wife knew and always gave me plenty of sex every way.

  • Amazing for you and your wife and your daughter that it worked out so well. Thanks for the support. Sexual excitement seems unavoidable under those circumstances and in your case especially with the reciprocal soaping. Your wife was a beneficiary and, I’m guessing, is an interesting person.

  • She is 18 now and we still shower together, when she soaps my erect penis she might give me a nice little hand job, sometimes she goes all the way till I cum other times she will not go that far just tormenting me saying I will send mum in to finish you.

  • Do you play with her pussy now ?

  • When showering and drying I have always played with her pussy we both love it

  • Hey Buddy did you get roaring horns while in the shower with her and did she know ?

  • Well managed you certainly should be congratulated

  • I am no saint but I certainly would not force myself on a young girl or an adult woman for that matter. The excitement has to be mutual. In my imagination (and reality under the right circumstances) I am totally depraved. That’s what makes sex so much fun and exciting.

  • A really sexy story, I love it!!!!!!!!!! How on earth did you control yourself when you were soaping her back and looking down at her pert cheeks???????

  • Thank you. I just found this site and have a lot I want to share. Yes, it was terribly difficult keeping things from getting out of control. She had what we called a “bubble butt”, not small but well formed and of course water, soap and shampoo made it all the more exciting for me. The situation was completely unexpected. I neither encouraged nor discouraged her. My wife and I were not even showering together so here I was showering with this precocious naked girl just developing. The whole thing was unbelievably arousing for me. Luckily for all, I knew there were limits and did not give in to temptation. But I have relived the scene many times since in my mind. Right or wrong it was decidedly sexual for me. I think her excitement was showing herself and feeling naughty. We have an excellent relationship still but for at least a year, I walked a very thin line.

  • Well be prepared to have the lowest forms of perverted internet life form making extraordinary vile and nonsensical comments.

  • Yes. I am prepared. It is pretty easy to discern the bad from the good, the fake from the real. Some (men more than women) get aroused by posting fantasies as real. I get it. OK.

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