Loving My Brother

Okay, so I'm a child of the 70'-80's. My name for this post will be (Samantha) I'm a 47yr old wife and mom of 2 and I own my own business. It's not a million dollar business, but it's very successful in my little town. So it covers my family's lifestyle. The reason I bring this up is to show that not all incest survivors are empty broken shells or individuals who live their lives like meer hermits ashamed of their past. Here's a page from my childhood and how my older brother & I began a incestuous relationship that lasted for several years.
I'm the youngest child of 4, and the only female child. My oldest brother (Let's call him Matt) and my twin brothers (Jeff & Jack) are my middle siblings. Jeff being the oldest of twins, they're 3 years older then me. And Matt being my oldest sibling is 8 years older then me. I was the surprise child in the family. My parents had only planned on having two kids, but ended up with 4. Tjey always called me the oops baby. We lived in Marrero, La in a 3 bedroom house my parents bought when they married. My brothers Jeff and Jack shared a room and my brother Matt had a room on his own until I turned 4. That's when My parents rearrange his room so I had a small section of space in his room. He never complained, at least I never knew him to complain when I was around. He treated me like a princess, and I loved him for being my protective brother. Jeff and Jack were always the ones who picked on me,but Matt always stood up for me. Which Jeff & Jack knew he would bash their heads in if they hurt my feelings.
So, about a year after Matt and I started sharing a room, I became more and more attached to him. He was always willing to play with me when my other brothers felt I wasn't capable of playing with their toys or their games. At night I would sneak into Matt's bed and he would snuggle me till we fell asleep. This was just normal for us being that we were so close. No one ever said anything to us that it was unhealthy or that it was inappropriate for me and my older brother to be sleeping in the same bed. As far as I remember, I hardly ever slept in my bed when I was growing up. Yeah, when Matt joined the Army when he turned 18 and moved out, I ended up sleeping in my own bed. Obviously being the room became my own room.
Anyway, back to the year after Matt and I started sharing his room. My grandparents owned a camp in South Mississippi just on the back bay area. My parents loved going there on the weekends and the 4 of us kids loved it too. I have so many happy memories there. Now back in the 70's and 80's, the speed limit was 55mph. Which for us kids made for very long trips to and from the camp. Now, this was the 70's, no one wore seatbelts and no one was ticketed if they were pulled over and didn't have it on. So it was nothing for us to drive everywhere without one on.
Jeff and Jack always sat next to eachother and I was small enough that I would sit in Matt lap. This was how we got around. It wasn't the best way to travel, but that's how we got around until my parents bought a van in the mid 80's.
So on one of our trips to Mississippi, we had left our house just as the sun went down. Meaning us kids would most likely be asleep the whole way there. Which in this case I would alway turn and straddle Matt and sleep with my head on his shoulder and he would just hold me as he would fall asleep as well. Jeff and Jack would be leaning on eachother asleep or arguing about who saw the last Punch Bug first.
This was just the way we all were back in the day. On this night, I had fallen asleep on Matt's shoulder hugging him as I always did when We traveled so late. It was summer and I was in one of my typical sun dresses that I always wore. I remember we all had our windows down alittle because A/C in cars were luxurious and cost extra. We weren't rich, so we went with the window option.
As I settled in, my legs were straddling Matt. Up until this point we had never done anything sexual or even remotely inappropriate. I just remember feeling him getting hard between my spread legs. Obviously my panties and his shorts where barriers at this moment, but I could feel his body adjusting and him shifting my weight to put me directly over him. Clearly I was naive, and had no knowledge of sex or anything wrong in what was going on. In Matt's defense, he probably was just as naive. As we rode along on our way to a weekend of camping, Matt and I both began to experience a new feeling in our bodies. I felt a tingle and a sensation that was very new and very pleasant. I'm sure it was something new for Matt as well. I just remember wanting to move forward closer to him and then pushing away slightly. This just gave me the most erotic feeling I had ever had. Now I didn't know at the time that it was erotic, I just remember it feeling amazing. And my brother who was experiencing this with me was very aware of what he was feeling too.
We were in a slow and steady rythm for quite awhile when Matt reached down between our bodies and pressed his fingers between my panties and his shorts. Which I instantly felt and gave a slight grind into his fingers. My head was buried in his shoulder. The wind noise and the sound of music on the radio was all that was heard. Everything was dark in the car and Matt and I were in a world of our own at thing point. I felt him pulling down at his shorts and then I felt his hardness pressing directly into my panties. It wasn't the same feeling as before, it was more, much more.. It was like I felt his shape against my body this time. I didn't know what was happening, or that it was taboo. Hell, I didn't know what taboo meant until I was in my 20s anyway. All I knew was that my brother and I were just doing something new. And it felt very good.
Moments later he pressed upward with his hand into my panties. Which I took as him wanting me to left up a little, which I did. I felt his finger fumbling around as he pulled my undies to the side and raised his hardness upward until it was pressing against my opening. At this point I realized what he wanted to do and I just went with it. It felt so different then anything I had ever experienced in my life. It didn't feel nasty, it didn't feel immoral, it didn't feel wrong. It just felt right, and I felt like I was closer to my brother then I had ever been. Obviously I didn't ride him like I knew what I was doing, I just lowered down on him and he entered me slowly. He stayed hard inside me as we lay there heading to Mississippi. The car swaying and the vibration of the ride was all we needed. It was amazing and I remember not wanting to get up once we got to the camp.
After that night, Matt and I began an incestuous relationship that lasted for several years. Never once did I ever feel like I was abused or taken advantage of. It was as if it was mutual. And needed to happen. To this day, my brother and I are extremely close and love eachother. We're closer to eachother then with our other brothers.
Not all family incestuous relationships are bad. They may not be appropriate, but sometimes they bring you closer to your loved ones.

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    • How long has it been since you and your brother had sex last? I know back when you were young you were in danger of getting pregnant by him. But after you got older and I guess by now you have gone thru menopause, you and him can fuck all you want to. I really don't think incest is wrong if there is no way she can get pregnant.

    • Fuck off lady balls you fucking rapist!

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