Exposing my wife for friend to see

So this is where things went to the next level..... I have always had this desire to have others to see my wife naked. I love sending pics to strangers and accidentally let a friend or neighbor see a naked pic of my wife off my phone. I act like I am embarrassed but I love to expose her. I am always trying to get her to go without a bra. Her nips are always hard as a rock. I will always remove the pads out of her bathing suits so anyone that sees her gets an eyeful. I have even shared her pics with strangers on k i k . I have always wanted to do more...

So this weekend I had an old high school friend come and stay the weekend. He is married but had to be here for business so he was by himself. He has never meet my wife but he would joke about how big her boobs were on our beach pics from face book. He wrapped up early from work and my wife Sue was just getting done at her job for the day as well. We all decided to just get into the pool and have some cocktails. So Sue and I went to change and I said you should wear your new suit. Well this new suit was pretty tiny. Sues tits are 36 dd. She only wore this one other time and it barely covered her areolas. When she wore it before her entire nipple slipped out a couple times without her even noticing. She thought she should wear another one that covers a little more. I said "it will be fine, we are only going to be at the house and my friend Steve is a married man. " She agreed and put it on. I couldn't wait for Steve to see her. She walks out and I could see his eyes go right to her boobs. We all started making small talk and drinking. I was sitting next to Sue in the pool and would brush my arm along her bathing suit to get it to expose more of her breast. Sue has no idea but after doing this a couple times her entire nipple is exposed. I can see Steve starring at it and I am getting hard knowing what is happening. After a couple minutes she realizes and got a little upset. She wanted to know why we did not tell her. I said its only a boob, its no big deal. She said she was embarrassed. Sue left to go in the house and Steve said to me those are great boobs and I am a lucky man. I said you should see them all the way out. He said he would love too jokingly. He told me he and his wife were not getting along very well and she had cut him off from sex. So just seeing a real boob made his whole trip.

Sue calmed down and we all continued drinking and ordered a pizza. Nothing sexual came up for the rest of the night. Sue had tried to keep up with us doing shots but her tolerance was not nearly what ours was. She said she had enough and was going to bed. I told Steve I would get her squared away and come back out. I put Sue to bed (she always sleeps naked ). She was passed out cold.

When I came out Steve said again how lucky I was to have have such a hot wife. He said he said he enjoyed her nip slip at the pool today and hoped it would happen again lol. Then he started to get emotional because his wife wanted a divorce and he was lonely. Not saying I had not already thought about trying to expose Sue to him but this was my chance. I said dude do you really want to see Sue naked......he said your kidding right? I said no seriously I will let you take a peek if you want. At this point my dick was getting hard thinking that a friend would be standing over my wife while she is naked in bed. I said come into the room but you have to be quite.

We go in and there is Sue is under the sheets. I slowly lowered the sheet to expose her. Her tits were out her legs opened just enough to see her landing strip of red hair. I can see right away his cock is getting hard in his shorts. I quietly said she is pretty nice ugh? He said hell yea. I told him to get closer and if he could do it with out waking her up he can touch her tits. As he did she made a slight groan. We both stopped in our tracks. She was very drunk however and went right back out. I grabbed her ankles and slid her legs further apart so he could get a good look at her pussy. I don't think he even realized it but he was starting to rub his cock thru his pants. He said he will be picturing this next time he jerks off. I said no need to wait. I cant let you fuck her but you can jerkoff on her tits and pussy if you want.... Next thing I know he is standing beside my naked wife jerking his cock. It was so hot to see another man so close to my naked wife pleasing him self. It took him all of 60 seconds to shoot his cum all over her tits and pale stomach. We both looked at each other after and didn't say a word. He walked out of our room and closed the door. I was so hard by then I climbed into bed and slid my cock right into Sue's pussy. As I am laying on top of her I can still feel Steve's warm cum on her tits. I was in her for no time at all before I shot my load as well. So here is my wife of 15 years covered in another mans cum and me filling her up as well. It was so hot.

The next morning Steve did not say a word. We all had breakfast and Steve left to go back home. He thanked us for the hospitality and I said 'cum" back anytime. I think next time I may let him fuck her. It was so so hot having him cover my wife with his cum! I guess I may be a cuck....

1 month ago

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