My wife is the best

After hearing stories all over I fell really privileged. My wife is the best little slut ever. Yep she's tops . She sucked her first cock at age 12. Fucked her first boy a year later . Yeah beat that . She was knocked the fuck up twice by age 15 . She gave the babies up for adoption and made two couples very happy . Then I met her at age 16. After hearing her story I wanted her badly . She would make out with me but not let me do anything else. Instead I listen to her tell me about having sex with other guys at school . She told me about sucking their cocks and drinking their jis. I was so turned on by her stories. They made me want her more. I wouldn't give up till one day it was my turn. She was 17 and I was 18. When I got that pussy it was game over. When her hot pussy slid down over my cock I knew I wanted that pussy forever. So when she was 18 and I was 19 , I proposed to her. She said yes. Before we got married I knocked her up . I just couldn't wait. We got married a few months later and have been together since. My baby ended up cheating on me in our second year. I didn't really mind as long as the pussy was mine every night. I told her do what you will during the day , but that pussy is mine each evening. Then she got pregnant by one of the guys who fucked her when she was 15. That don't mean nothing. I'm still getting that yummy hot pussy. My woman is the best little hot sexy slut ever . She'll fuck you to prove it and break your heart in the process .

1 month ago


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    • I guess some of us are fine with getting the Silver or Bronze medal each night. I've gotta have the Gold. I don't want to be somebody's second or third choice.

    • What is the Chinese owner of this sites intention? To make money off all the people here. This is a Go-Daddy powered site, and I will simplify how this place makes money off just about all of you. It's called tracking cookies. When you use your electronic device on the web places you go to use tracking cookies and other cookies so that they can recognize your device when you log in to banking for example. If you use google, Facebook, instagram then they have tracking cookies in your device. When you come here and as soon as you write a story or post this place installs and use's tracking cookies of their own. Even in private mode with an VPN. They are,,,,,, and naughty . All of them are Cache cookies except for naughty which is Cache, Cookies, and Local Storage Cookies. All just from one post. When you surf the web in private mode the cookies are used and then removed when you are done and close you browser. But the damage is done Each cookie have it's own id code for every time you post. You regular posting like google and Facebook and other sites have their cookies on the your device. They recognize the cookies from here and exchange their ID's with each other. Facebook and Google use those exchanges to identify you! And they pay the owner of this site for it. If you want to prove this, try clearing all cookies and block them all. Then try to post here, you won't be able to post at all. Now the moderators will tell me I'm full of shit or pull this reply altogether. IT's money but Facebook and google will know who you are.

    • My wife has a lover, one I know all about. I had a stroke and it wiped out my sexual response somehow, my Physician claims it is probably just fear of sex maybe causing another, all I know it, it don't work.
      We were very active before and we want to stay together, but my wife is used to at least once a week so we came to a solution.
      So far it is just two, one lasted a few months, got a job too far away, so she went out one night and found a replacement.

    • Twelve is the perfect age.

    • Fuck yea. Would empty my balls deep into a 12 yr old

    • I’ll smash your head in with a sledgehammer you Fukn pig cunt

    • My way hot wife Jill dresses like a nun most of the time. She gets way too much attention if she doesn't. Sat night she dresses slutty when we go out, She's by me and still gets hit on. I'm eh, guess I signed up for this. Anyway I've taken 100 nudes of her , my camera skills suck, -- she either looks like a hooker or she's in the Dr office getting ready for an exam. Her best friend Sally, she's pretty hot too, met in the Bible Club. Her husband Bob was a photographer for his college newspaper. The weird part: Sally showed her nudes her husband took, gave her a few to show me -- to sell me on letting Bob shoot Jill NUDE! Sally's are like right out of Playboy. I say OK as long as Sally is nearby. Not only is she nearby but the 2 are together on many shots -- big tits pressed together. Anyway the girls have copies of each other's nudes and the ones together.Which means Bob and I have them. Bob makes some wallet size. I carry Jill's, Sally's and the 2 together. Bob carries the same. The girls Bible Class says lust can be a positive thing by fostering a healthy sex life between husband and wife. If we go 4 days without fucking, she'll leave out a naked picture of Sally and her to catch my dick, I mean eye.

    • Experience pays off - that is what you have got!

    • Goddamn right. I’ll never understand these guys that are obsessed with virgins. Give me a woman that knows what she’s doing.

    • She’s a skank

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