I succumbed!

I am Jenn. 41, married, mother, professional. Have only had sex with 4 men (although I sucked a fe more!).
Never cheated on hubby.

I think I still look good, pretty, 34d natural, maybe a bit plump. I am very orgasmic and lately our sex life has been somewhat stagnant.

I was out with friends, drinking more than typical. I ran into my college boyfriend. We ended poorly. He was not always nice. His dick is immense and he can be very aggressive when fucking.

We actually had a good talk. He invited us all up to his hotel suite. Was in town for business with his boss.

More drinks. I came out of the bathroom and he kissed me, sadly I responded. He led me to one bedroom and undressed me. Heels and my ring only. I was on display, door open. I sucked his dick. Made me gag and even drool. He called me a slut but I kept going.

When he laid me on the bed he held my knees back. I was so open, exposed, and honestly dripping. I came for him and he felt so thick and hard. He was pounding my pussy without mercy. He called me a few names but I was so far gone I just went with it. I asked him to pull out, he flooded my pussy I could feel him shoot into my cervix.

I was ashamed and as I dressed to leave I realized at least two of my girlfriends and his boss had witnessed the whole time.

So am I a whore now? Do I tell my husband? In full disclaimer have been masturbating to the memory. Advice??


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  • You let it happen , no one else. now your friends saw you naked and with your ex who was fucking you like crazy.
    You want to know if your a whore, no just a fool. You masturbate thinking about the event so you must have loved the whole experience. I suspect you will do it all over again if you get the chance.
    Do yourself a favor, don't tell hubby, he doesn't need to know.

  • Giving oral audience is the most embarrassing thing. Even if you like doing it. no audience please. Getting walked in on while fucking is just a whoops. I was giving my FWB Jill oral. It was part of our unsaid agreement, I go down on her with my A game, then I get to fuck her. Well I'm down there, her thunder thighs have my ears in a headlock, rock music playing pretty loud and I can barely hear it. After she cums she lets up and I can hear her giggling, and a 2nd girl giggling.
    Here her friend, her ride to my place, (she doesn't drive) was suppose to watch TV in the other room, while we were to just be listening to rock, she watched for 30 minutes. She walked in to say it was snowing -- but she stayed for the live porn.
    My FWB said once she saw what we were doing there was no undoing what she saw. So why not let her watch. Jill said at first I said OH FUCK out loud, Linda gave me thumbs up and then the shush sign, it got to be a turn on her watching.

  • The 2 girlfriends watched. My wife was a witness to something very similar. Girls night out, all married, one gets fucked in a car. Her and 2 others acted as her guard, that everything is consensual, make sure a gang bang doesn't happen. Consensual but she tells me to cover her own ass the next day.
    But she gets away with this time. Same girl does it again, the guy much younger. Corner bar has a MILF list and she's checked off. Her husband kicks her out, but takes her back. Think he was more mad at the high school like bragging the guys did.. That really sucks. Might even be a lawsuit there.
    You should be asking your friends how secret your tryst is. Happens again, close the door, no matter how drunk you are. But if it's the worst thing you ever did you're still a saint. My rule: Every marriage has 3 strikes, you're at strike 1

  • I encourage my wife to go out on dates with any man that she finds attractive. She and I are having more sex now that she also has sex with others. Her being fucked my other guys has added spice to our relationship which had gotten quite bland.

  • I agree my wife does the same

  • Who cares. Fuck him! If your friends didn’t like the show they wouldn’t hVe watched.

  • Keep masturbating

  • I've slept with a lot of married women. Some felt horrible about it while others relish the secret revenge. The ones that had the husband's eager approval are not always the most eager either. I'll never forget one wife that seemed to put up with me the whole time whereas the husband profusely thanked me afterwards. I suggest you find out what your husband's fantasies are and do them as penance for your guilty feelings.

  • Fuck you friends husbands

  • No you are NOT a whore. All women need things and sometimes hubby does not provide. I have been in your ex's shoes with many married women. Do NOT tell your husband. Maybe it's a one time thing, maybe not, but you were satisfied and that's what counts. Thanks for posting.

  • I don’t think you were a whore I think you were very horny you were drunk you did it you’re not gonna do it again so enjoy it and let it go he doesn’t need to know it might be the end of your marriage if you tell him

  • I'd tell him and there s nothing wrong with being a whore we fuck it s what we do until we can't reguadless some part of you wanted to fuck keep doing it if he won't fuck you let the one s who will

  • Leave it be esca one time thing. Your pussy needed a pounding and it got it . Go back to being a wife maybe a little more slitting in bed for your husband

  • My question would be "Where was your husband while you were out scratching your itch ? It sucks huh, the reward is not necessarily worth the risk, or the guilt. Maybe just go tell your husband to go out and do whoever and not worry about the ass beating he would usually expect.

  • Yes, you are a whore of the skankiest kind. What are you going to do when word gets back to your family? Husband? Neighbors? It will get out.

  • Lighten up! She was just getting some cock. It not the same as the intimacy with a significant other. People are so uptight about sex, that they truly never get to experience the possible heights of pleasure from sex.

  • She is not a skanky whore, she just needed a good fucking. Great story

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