I’m doing it again

Since meeting my husband he has always told me that his brother is an idiot, he is 4 years young then my husband and to be honest I’ve always kept away from his brother if we are at a family get together or just seeing him out and about it’s just hello how are you and that’s about it.
I got myself into trouble with a guy I was seeing behind my husband back, the guy was threatening my and trying to blackmail me I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t say anything to friends so I called my husband brother, I explained what’s been going on, he didn’t judge me or give his opinion, he called the guy and basically after lots of swearing put the phone down.
The following day he went to his house I have no idea what he said all I got was a text saying sorted and a text from the guy saying he loves me and he was sorry.
A few days later I visited my husband brother to thank him, he said no problem then he asked were you two just fucking or something else, I said it started out just fucking then he got weird acting very strange, then he said I take it things at home aren’t great, I said not really your brother never wants sex anymore we gone from fucking daily to nothing in six months, he said do you two just fuck or make love, I said I can’t remember the last time we made love mainly it’s just fucking no kissing or cuddling.
Then for the next ten minutes he went into great detail about how you can fuck and make love at the same time and omg I was so shocked with what he was saying, I had goose pimples one my arms back of my neck and when I got up to go I felt a big gush of wetness between my legs.
He is nothing like how my husband has said he is he is one man I now want to go to bed with.

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  • Most the time it's the wives not putting out and the guy steps out.
    Hey if you married couples out there don't take care of your spouse good chance they are going to go out and find some sex and lovin

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