Wet patch

Early September me and the girlfriend went to Spain for a week.
I’m sunbathing on the beach laying on a towel and I see this tiny petite girl on her own stop about twenty feet in front of me.
She was a fine looking girl, long dark curly hair, slim figure, she must of been one of the locals, she was wearing a black skirt and a white shirt with a name badge.
I’m watching her every move while pretending to read a book!
She spreads her towel out and started to undress, she had tiny tits and nipples and a skinny waist, she lays down on her back, I can now see right between her legs.
After a few minutes I start reading my book again, about ten minutes later I look up and she is adjusting her bikini bottoms.
I can now see she has her right hand inside her bikini bottoms and it’s moving about, I can’t see much as she now has her legs together but I know what she’s doing.
It’s not long and she stops, I continue to watch her hoping she might start again, nothing but what I did see when she put her knees up was a wet patch in her bikini bottoms.
She can only of stayed 50 minuets and she was gone, I was horny after watching her so I started touching the girlfriend but she wasn’t having any of it the cow!

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  • The cow haha

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