In my bra and knickers

I’ve told my friends jokingly but never mentioned how exciting it was.
My parents went on holiday and asked me if I could pop in on a few occasions to check things at the house are ok, I said of course, then my dad said “don’t forget to cut the grass” he was joking but I thought I’m going to cut the grass before they return and surprise my dad.
It was a really nice sunny day, I started cutting the grass and I was sweating, I took my top off and continued cutting the grass in my bra, when I stopped for a rest I felt very sticky from sweating, I sat on the garden chair and said “sod it I didn’t care” I took my bottoms off and sat there in just my bra and knickers cooling down.
After my rest I continued cutting the grass while just in my underwear, if felt great having next to nothing on, between my legs and my breasts felt extra heighten, tingling, swelling and slippery! I was feeling very turned on.
When I finished I sat back down, I could just feel a gentle breeze on my skin, my nipples extremely erect and my vagina crying out for an orgasm.

3 months ago

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    • You had the best choice to do: go inside and get in nude to dry off your sweat while seeping on a bottle of cold beer....

    • Well, I hope you gave yourself a good seeing-to.

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