Fun at school.

My husband and I met attending a Christian private school. We were both rebellious and liked pushing and bending the rules . Infact we met in detention. Me for being tardy too many times and he for wearing his cowboy boots. We had a dress code and boys had a hair code. Greg was always breaking the dress and hair codes. We had chapel service on every Thursday usually in the mornings. On time they announced that chapel was moved to the end of the day. I suggested we skip and find a place to have fun. He agreed and so at the end of the day we just watched everyone leaving and we hung back. We decided the perfect place was the history teachers office on the second floor where we were. Once inside we just talked until we were sure everyone was gone. Then we closed the door. Greg had me pressed between himself and the desk. We were making out and foundling each other. After a few minutes I could feel he was super hard and I rubbed him threw his pants. He put his right hand down the back of my skirt and under my panties and started rubbing my ass. He was getting really hot and bothered. So was I. Then he moved his hand around from and went down the front of my panties. I felt his fingers exploring me. He found the top of my clit and pubic hair. He began to go down farther to finger me. I told him no no be nice. He said he was being nice. He continued and tried it again. Once again I told him no be nice. He was a good guy and stopped but continued to kiss me. He told me he would give it to me right there on top of the desk. I told him too risky . He was disappointed I know but not the right place. So everyone was coming back from chapel and getting ready to leave and board the busses or drive home. We talked about it that night on the phone. I told him there would be another time and place just not at school.

Fast forward to Greg graduated in 82 and I had a year left. I went back to public school for my final year. I couldn't bear that place without him. During the summer he graduated we only saw each other one time. He dated a few other girls but I didn't forget about him. I had a regular boyfriend when we first met . Greg didn't care he still liked making out and having fun with me. He even knew I was having sex with my boyfriend. It was more a thing of loving the one your with . My boyfriend was just to past time . He knew that cause I told him from the start. Well things started really heating up with Greg and I when school started up and was attending community College. We finally made love one winters day when snow closed school early. I called him and asked if he could come and pick me up. He picked me up in his 77 Trans Am and took me to his area close to his house. We made love for the first time in the back seat at a park and ride share . He said I would have to tell my boyfriend it was over and I agreed. Over the next many months we made love like rabbits.

The seasons changed and it was now summer once again. I had graduated and one night we were discussing what to do. Greg said let's go back to where we met and see what we can do. I agreed whole heartedly. Back around 1980 or so we got a day off school because one of the students and a former student broke into the high school and trashed things. We were not going to do anything like that. Greg wanted to fulfill his fantasy of making love to me in school. We had no idea how we would get in. He worried trying to think if they had an alarm or motion censors. He was pretty sure they had nothing but the locked on all the doors. We parked hiding between a couple busses on the lot by the high school . Went to the back of the school walking on the grass. It was just woods so no one would see us. At the back there was a flat roof section between the classroom area and the gym. Greg found a ladder under the flat roof area that was a walkway . He took the ladder and placed it up to the flat roof. There was a window up there and he said maybe it's just not locked. We climbed up and sure enough he slid the window sideways and it opened right up.

We climbed inside and were in the Spanish room. There was a sofa in the room close to the door. We went into the hallway and ran around a bit just reveling in our success. Greg wanted to go back to the teachers office we used that day we skipped chapel but the door was locked. I suggested the couch in the Spanish room. It was pretty dark all we had was the green lights from the exit markers and light from outside via the windows. We got naked and I laid down on the sofa . Greg climbed on top and we kissed and began fucking. We changed positions a few times. I got on top of him and he bent me over the sofa. Then finished with him shooting his load inside me. We were pretty wet with sweat . I know we both left some semen on the sofa. It was great making love at school. We got up and went around to the classrooms we used in school. Kissing and touching each other. He took me to the science lab room and told me I was a very bad girl and must be punished . He turned me around and sofly spanked my bottom. Then he bent down and kissed, licked, sucked on my ass. He then lifted me on top the one lab table and started to give it to me again. The lab top was very cold on my bottom. He kept pumping and thrusting . I wanted to yell out and he told me it's okay nobody will hear you . So I made lots of noise as Greg finished and filled me a second time. When I got up there was a nice smear mark on the dark lab top . Our fluids mixed and smeared about. We had so much fun running around naked. Then we went back to get our clothes and get dressed. Before we did we laid on the sofa kissing and rubbing each other. Greg said can you imagine when school starts up kids will be sitting on this sofa right where we made love. I said yeah and doing their science labs where you fucked me. We got dressed and made our way out the same way we entered. We didn't hurt or destroy . We had some great fun doing things the school would not have approved up. It's a fond memory now. One we cherish. We may have actually conceived our first child that night. Hard to tell cause we really were like rabbits making love two to three times a day. Who says you can't have fun in school. Or a Christian school for that matter.

10 months ago

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