Got Busted

The State I live in requires a license to do massages, and they are very strict about it, no sexy touching, no undraping no.. basically no fun of any kind, strictly therapeutic.
I did go to massage school, but never did the license stuff, but I ran ads, since I just love looking and toughing at naked women.
My 1st trouble was when my ad got pulled, against the law to even USE the word "massage" in an ad.
So, I ran some saying "rubdowns", perfectly legal, and since it was for fun anyway, my ad said FREE!
Soon I was doing one or two a week and yeah, they got naughty, it was fun.
Then this one woman called, on my table she didn't want a drape at first which was rare. I rubbed her tits, gave her a nice orgasm, hell, if she had her legs any wider she would have broken something. After getting off literally dozens of women from old ladies to fat housewives, and a few rare foxes, I am pretty good if I do say so myself.
Yeah, I do get a few that want just the massage, but at least I get to look at them.
When done, she got dressed, pulled out a fucking BADGE and off to jail I went!
Fine was.. $6000!!! For doing a massage without a license and inappropriate touching, was what they said.
I bailed out, got a lawyer, we went to court and when it came out that I didn't charge a fee, THEY could not charge me with breaking any laws!
Consenting adults, the judge chastised the lady enforcement officer about things like false arrest.
Judge turned me loose, took 8 months, cost me $3500 for the damn lawyer.
Fuck'em, I am right back to running my ads.
On the way out, I told the lady cop to give me a call if she wanted another session, she gave me a dirty look but didn't answer.
I can't make this shit up.
Oregon sucks.

10 months ago

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    • I think what you meant to say was, "I can't make this very convincing when I make it up. "

    • Do you ever get the chance to suck their toes also?

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