My Lover Too

Being a fat girl you don't have sexual activities much. John, maybe my future step-dad, might become become my lover too besides my mom. Mom is seeing and dating her best girlfriends ex boyfriend. Mom doesn't mind me peeking in when they are having sex. Mom asked me to be more friendly and open to John since he might become my step-dad. I think mom asked John to please me now and then.
I think mom set up the affair. She told me to keep John company while she was out. John and I was watching porn and we started to get horny we began to play with ourselves. He began rubbing his dick and I began groping my tits and fingering myself. I reached over and grabbed and held his ball sack and he reached under my fat trying to get his fist into my snatch. He grabbed and squeezed my belly folds and then told me to lick and suck his balls as he dangled them in my face and stroked. I sucked on them and pulled on his sack with my mouth hard. " That's so wild! " he blurted out.
We got into the 69 position where I deep throat his cock and pulled on his balls while he kept trying to fill my cunt with his fingers. We was so into it, unaware that my mom was standing nude with her strap-on on stroking it. "Having fun ? " she said with a big smile on her face and tells John to do me doggy-style as she fed me the strap-on. As she watched John dog me and me taking that strap-on in my mouth. " Two is better than one. " she said as she was sucking her tits while enjoying the moment.

15 days ago

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    • I would gladly fuck the shit out of you all night long. Fill both your holes. Make you clean my dick.

    • I love big gals. I love when my long dick finds a new path in those flabby folds of skin. I will leave a wet trail like a slug sliding across the ground. Oh baby we could have so much fun. I'll fill all your holes honey. Stick my cock into your fat luscious ass. I want to smell your arm pits on a hot summer day and suck the lint from your belly button . 😋

    • Tell the truth your a 52 year old fat white male who stalks the hallowed halls looking for kicks . It's okay I'm really a 17 year old teen girl looking for advice on how to perform oral sex on a female teacher .

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