Wasn’t expecting that

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to get closer to a girl at work, she is quirky looking and very quiet, she only been at the company for two months and no one seems to know much about her apart from she’s 27 and lives with her mum.
She knows I like her and she’s never shown any interest back, when we chat she doesn’t seem to give much away, I’ve asked her out for something to eat or just a coffee.
I wasn’t going to bother but I did, I said it’s a really nice day would you like to go for a walk, yes that would be very nice she said.
We walked along the towpath by the river, got to admit the conversations were dull and I was pleased to see my bus stop to go home.
I said thanks for your company I’ve enjoyed myself, me too she said we should do it again, sure see you tomorrow.
She said are you not going to kiss me goodbye, of course and gave her a kiss on the cheek, you can kiss me better then that she said, I went in for a full on kiss and she was giving it back, when we separated she said, how kiss me like you would my pussy, I was straight in using my tongue like I was licking her pussy from the inside.
The rest as they say is history, spent last weekend in bed with her and got plans doing it again this weekend.

10 months ago

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    • It's nice to have a woman just go for it. I was dating this one gal, she had a roommate that was big. Not fat, just big, which is not bad at all.
      I used to sleep over with the one, of course the roommate knew all about what we were doing.
      But one day my girlfriend told me we had to stop, she was going to marry this guy from her work.
      That upset me, I was talking to her roommate about, she asked me point blank if I would like to have sex with her. So, we went to a motel, and did, it was so hot that after the first time I was right back up in minutes and we did it again.
      Funny thing is, a few weeks later, she told me she was getting married also, and so we had to stop. But that was OK, it wasn't going to be any relationship thing other than sex anyway.

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