GF’s mom loves to give a show!

Hello again, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about these times in my live and how I’ve never shared these stories with anyone until now. When I first started seeing my GF ( she was 15 and I 16) I used to walk over to her house in the summertime with one of my friends. We would play basketball and swim in their pool. This particular day we were out in the street throwing the football back and forth, when the mom comes out wearing a knee length terry towel with zipper up the front, some type of a smock.
See kneels down in front of her flower bed and begins picking some weeds, when I glance over all I see is a bare round white ass crack and her v pussy lips. I was directly in front of her and my friend was a house down the way. I pointed it out to him and he shakes his head in disbelief. I then motioned to him to throw the ball up high in that direction and he threw a perfect one about 15 feet behind her.. I begin to jog up to get it and she holds the pose until I pick up the ball, turning to me and saying did you come up to get a better look? would you like to go inside so you can see some more? I didn’t know at the time that I was in for a whole lot more. I moved in shortly after that day. I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Lick the pussy

  • That comes in a few more posts, leading up to it. Hope you enjoy reading them.
    i will be starting them with GF’ they can be searchable.

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