What The Heck

This guy regularly passes by my trailer walking to check his mail. I was outdoors in my flower bed when I decided to chat with him. I was new to the trailer park and wanted to find out about my neighbors. To my surprise he use to live in the general area where my husband and I lived. I invited him in to drink with me and chat to pass the time away.
I was a widow and could use some male company. I noticed he kept looking at my breasts. "Yeah they are more than a handful. " and laughed. I found out he was five years younger than me and learned he and his ex wife use to swap. He enjoyed sharing wife, showing her very long saggy breasts. She was the one who con him into swapping. I confessed to him that my husband and I use to swap when younger also. He admitted to me she just screwed the guys making him watch but wouldn't do oral even to him. That's why he divorced her.
"I miss oral sex. It was fun to do." I said to him and he said I was similar looking as his wife and his wife would probably look like me me now with long empty tits with good size nipples on them. Then he told me how often he banged her tits , begging her to suck his dick. I lifted my top showing the tits bulging in my bra and said to him, "They're not empty but they really sag."
Wanting to relive my past so I removed my top and went down on him. "Oh baby, you can suck it well! " Then I squeezed my breasts around his dick and licked his big mushroom he had on his penis. I told him my cunt aged but enjoys a tongue and mouth on it and pulled him into the living room. Removing my bottoms I got on the sofa and told him he can eat me if he desires. While he was doing oral on me, I lifted my tits and sucked on the nipples like I use to do when younger. He was getting my juices flowing again. He frantically sucked and lapped my juices while grabbing my tits and pulling them. I said to him, " Pretend I'm your wife and force your cock into my mouth! " He didn't know but I was enjoying our moment.
I had to get his trailer lot number. I regularly surprise him at the door flashing my nude body under a raincoat I have and say, "Eat me darling! "

10 months ago

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