Daughters boyfriend

Hi all,my naughty confession here,it's to do with me the wife our daughter and her boyfriend,we're both in our 40's daughter is 19 with a steady boyfriend,me and the Mrs have always been a bit adventurous in the bedroom,my fantasy is to watch her get fucked! Anyway a few weeks back we were all out the patio having a few drinks,all pretty normal,as the Mrs was getting the drinks out of the ice bucket I just happened to notice ethan (daughters boyfriend) perving at her ass!!! The evening went on the two girls went inside later on saying it was cold,both a bit merry I said to ethan I bet you've thought about fucking my Mrs!!! Fuck yeah he said she's hot!! I showed him a few pics of her naked and told him she loves it in her ass!! I could see his mind going into overload then I mentioned I'd like to see her get fucked! Id fuck her he said,calm down son I don't know how she'll take it I said,both of us went inside to join the women,our daughter had fallen asleep,heres my chance I thought,I topped the Mrs drink up with vodka,and made a funny about ethan staring at her ass earlier on,he fancies you I said,get off she said why would he fancy me when he's got our daughter and young man I've heard what you do to her laughter!!! And she tells me! Kate was pissed at this point,you pull out and cum on her stomach don't you!! Ethan was dying!!! You should stick it up her bum like Rod does to me!!! Yeah he did say you like getting fucked up your ass.he never told you that did he!! And he'd like to see you with another fella, Rod!!! Really? I had to come clean! It's my ultimate fantasy Kate! Omg you horny bastard,nows my chance I thought,I'd love to watch ethan fuck you love!! He doesn't want a 40 something woman and with that ethan came to my rescue id love to fuck you Kate! She just had a devilish look about her I've heard all about your cock,show me! Ethan didn't hesitate he was already hard he wanked his cock in front of my wife then she took over,let's go upstairs we don't want to be waking your girlfriend!! It was going to happen!!! I followed behind my Mrs and our daughters boyfriend! They were both naked in a blink of an eye! I stood at the door wanking myself off,go on fuck her ethan I said and with that he was pounding her from behind,fuck her ass now I ordered he pulled her hair back as he fucked her arsehole and with a cheeky smile he said your daughter likes her ass being fucked to Kate mmmmm I had to stick my cock in Kates mouth! We both filled her with cum and collapsed on the bed...fantasy fulfilled

10 months ago

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    • Hot story! Kates are always the naughty ones ;)

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