My wife

I was home early from wirk one night and was walking up to house it was 10 pm I usually don’t get home till 12
Every one was still up my wife and son.
I walking up sidewalk i saw my wife go into bathroom. Being the perv i am i went to window and watched her. She was getting her night shirt on and took off her pants getting ready for bed. She went back out in just her short like she usually sleeps.
I go over to living room window and she sets on recliner and my son is on floor watching tv with his back to her.
I go to come in but stop when i see her pull her panties off and set them on arm of chair. She reclining back started masturbating right there.
Of course i watch. I look over my son not paying any attention watching tv.
Soon she was bucking her hips and i hear her moaning. My son turns around and looks then goes back to watching tv.
She stoped for a second till she knew he was not paying attention and started again.
My son got up so she had to stop and she got up and put him to bed.
When she came back she was talking on phone and I couldn’t tell with who but she set down and started rubbing herself again. Once again she is rocking her hips and talking on phone. Soon she got up and went and checked on son.
I heard her say hurry we have an hour and hung up phone. She went and took a shower i watched her . Soon she hurried out in towel and some guy was at door. He came in and kissed her and then they were on the couch.
Her towel was iiff and she was going down on him.
She climbed up and was riding him and started moaning and fucking him with all she had.
I was literally turned on and in shock watching her moan and bounce up and down. My son came out with all the moise and she screeched and told him to get back to bed.
Soon she was on her back and he started pounding her into the chair.
I could tell her tell tell sign and she climaxed bucking her hips up to meet his then it was over.
She got up and he left.
I go in 20minutes later and she is setting on couch . I decided to pretend i did not know and she acted normal except she seemed alittle horny like she has time to time. Next thing i know we are fucking ion same couch and i am getting sloppy seconds.
Ii never came so hard

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    • Love to see my ex wife taking a good pounding prefer some old guy 70 plus but really any guys fucking her would turn me on

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