What the wife wants

Wife was laying naked in bed the other morning. She usually masturbates before getting ready for work. I was fresh out of the shower. She said, "You want to fuck me before you go to work?" Normally I would say hell yes. Couldn't this time because my gay buddy from work and I played just the night before. I said, "I would but I gotta be at work in 15 minutes." She said, "So be late. I'll bend over the bed and you can fuck me in the ass if you want." I'm not usually able to cum twice in such a short time. I said, "I'll try and get off work and we can then." She said, "Damn. Ok well I tried. I need something." I said, "What's that?" She said, "A bigger dildo. Well that or a bigger dick to go in me."

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  • I'm in a similar situation. Fortunately, my buddy is bisexual and also married, and we've known him for years. He was the Best Man at our wedding...in more ways than one. He's got a 9" horse cock that he's been buttfucking me with since I was 23. When the wife said she craved a bigger dick than my 7", I simply turned her onto Mark. Problem solved.

  • That's just wrong dude. The least you can do is let your wife join in when you and your gay lover are going at it. It sounds like she would be a great fuck toy that you can both enjoy. Nothing better than having your wife suck you dry while a big cock is pumping your ass full of hot cum.

  • Wife doesn't like to suck dick and isn't very good at it. Gay buddy is much better.

  • My married dads have the same problem. I have to leave some for the wife.

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