50's fun

Married and in my late 40's, both myself and my husband love the 1950's, the glamour, the pin up's, the fashion. Husband has an old Panther motorcycle that he customized into a Chopper many years ago and I love nothing better than riding behind him on club runs. I also love the fashion of the 1950's, long line panties, suspenders and silk stockings. Coupled with a conical long line bra, I feel just like one of those 1950's pin ups! He loves it when I dress like this and let my dress ride up to reveal my stocking tops!

I also like doing the housework and baking dressed this way and whenever my husband is out on a run and expected back I will do so.

I was dressed like this just 3 hours ago, cleaning house, bent over with the vacuum cleaner trying to get the nozzle under the coffee table and I felt a familiar hand on my bottom then run up under my dress and up my stocking clad legs! Hubby was home! His hand grasped my inner thigh just above my stocking tops, this he calls the giggle zone, cos he says once his hand is there he is laughing!

Without further ado, he unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor, he stood back and admired the view in front of him, me, standing in my stockings, suspenders, heels, long line panties and long line bra!

He kissed me and un-clipped my bra, my breasts tumbled out and he caressed both, licking and kissing my nipples, slowly he removed my panties and left me in my stockings and heels! Wow the middle of the day, anyone could have seen me! He told me to get on all fours, which I did and he mounted me from the rear, he held onto my suspenders as he fucked me on the floor. I was in heaven, I still had my heels and stockings on. My discarded underwear was soon joined by his cut, tee shirt and the rest of his originals.

after servicing me on all fours he laid me on my back and mounted me, the cool wooden floor felt great against my naked bum. He called me his 50's pin up, I love that man!

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  • Wow, June Cleaver, looks like you'll never have to worry about the Beaver !

  • I enjoy a story like this. I got around and bedded plenty of women before I married at 26. I thought it was good at the time. I thought our sex life was good in the early days. But nothing compares to a properly cultivated sex life with a long term partner who knows all your likes, wants, favorites. We’re mid40s now and I can honestly say we have the best sex I’ve ever had. All the stories of wife sharing on here are pending disasters. But this is how it’s supposed to be. Thank you for sharing

  • Life is great for us, thanks. I have never been shared and no intention of it either

  • Really hot, I love 50's fashion myself and I am she-male.

  • Yes it was a very sexy era!!!!
    The silky stockings held up by white satin suspenders, partially covered by white nylon knickers, a frothy white petticoat held in place by a flirty swing dress or skirt. Beautiful and sensual, with the naughty knickers hiding ?

  • Yep, that about sums it up, it is an ear that both myself and my husband enjoy, I like dressing up as a 1950's pin up and he enjoys looking at me whilst I am dressed this way, he also enjoys unwrapping his present|!

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