Seducing the neighbours son

So this happened a few weeks ago. Our neighbours son is 17 and we pay him to mow our lawn and do some chores around the garden. I knew he had a crush on me as he was always checking me out, and I always thought he was cute so I teased him a bit by showing off some leg or cleavage or by flirting with him. My husband always encouraged it because he likes the idea of a teen lad finding his 30 year old wife attractive and likes to show me off. Over the summer I made a point of sunbathing in my bikini while he's working in the garden and giving him a good view.

Anyway long story short we got chatting and I was flirting with him as usual and he leaned in to kiss me. It was a bit clumsy as he wasn't very experienced but I kissed him back and we had a good long kiss right there in the garden. I felt very sexy and very naughty all of a sudden. Before I knew what I was doing, I led him into the house and upstairs into the bedroom.

I had sex with him in our bed. It was such a turn on. He came inside me pretty quick but was soon ready for a second go after I took his penis in my mouth and made him hard again. The second time I had a huge orgasm and screamed his name so loud I think the whole neighbourhood heard me. After he came in me again he got dressed and left without being paid - I think he was scared my husband would walk in at any minute.

I had a shower and masturbated myself to another orgasm while I cleaned myself up. It felt so bad but so good to have seduced my virgin neighbour.

Later on I told my husband that I had kissed the lad but didn't tell him the rest. He told me what a naughty girl I was and we had amazing hot sex that night. Maybe I should confess the rest?

22 days ago

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    • Fuck you dude. I know you are a male! You jerk off or worse yet laugh with your buddies to the replies of lonely men who think you are female. Thats fucked up and not right at all you sick fuck! And no you pulled one story idiot! I'm a male and I can spot another males writing by a mile. It is so fucking easy so don't say it isn't.

      One thing you have not done or even said once, not once on this site ASSHOLE.

      You haven't come back and said I'M FEMALE OR FUCK YOU, I'M FEMALE!
      That is your subconscious mind not allowing you to lie. But now you will because I told you so.

      Secondly you have posted that you have done pretty much everything from sleeping with 100 men, love toe sucking, anal sex, fucking women and incest and more. I properly forgot some of the bull shit you posted, but it is all fake like you. But you will say anything to get a rise out of men here so you can jerk off or laugh at them!
      Was this reply your or your buddies? "He's not even smart enough to be a retard. Rolls his boogers into balls before he eats them like M&Ms". How fucking childish is that! YOU ARE A YOUNG MALE KID! Stop pretending that you are a grown up female.

      This site can have some good honest stories but asshole kids like you come here and fuck that all up with your bull shit stories. One of you punks even wrote a story admitting that you do it for the same reasons I stated. I can't stand that and wish this site had a way to keep you young underage fucking punks out. Until then I will keep calling you out as the boy you are! So now report this and have it pulled boy!

    • Thanks katewife for all your responses

    • Well katewife I hope soon we see a story on here from you telling us how you took your nephews virginity!!! I say just seduce him !!! You will love it and so will he !! Plus the benefits from your husband’s approval!!!

    • I promise to post a story if/when it happens, until then I will keep flirting

    • I thought you said you resisted seducing him !! But now I see that you have put it out there for him and waiting for him to make the move on you ! I take it he is a virgin so you will probably have to kiss him first instead of wait for him !!

    • Well I have resisted kissing and touching him. When he's ready he can make a move if he wants me.

    • That’s awesome katewife!! You sound like a hot lady and every lad wishes for a aunt like you !! I hope someday you let your nephew have more!!

    • He can have whatever he wants x

    • Haha !!! Sounds hot any way , so have you ever flirted with him or teased him a little, also sounds like you have a story to tell about you and your cousin when you were young !!!

    • Oh yes I flirt and tease all the time. He seems to enjoy visiting our house and I catch him staring at my legs a lot. When it's sunbathing weather he gets the same show I put on for the neighbour.

      I could tell the stories about me and my cousin but I was quite young at the time..... x

    • Wow !!! How old is your nephew?? That sounds hot

    • No comment! x

    • Have you always been attracted to younger guys and are there any others young guys you find yourself attracted too ?

    • I guess I have, as my first experiences when I was much younger were with my teen cousin (he babysat me and used to do things). I do have some very naughty thoughts about my nephew sometimes but I resist.

    • Well I’m sorry that people have to be rude but I do hope you keep us updated!! Thank you!!! And it sounds like your husband is a good man !!

    • Thanks, and yeah he's the best. Knows how to keep me satisfied! x

    • Kate wife that’s a awesome story , has anything more happened and have you ever fully confessed how far you went to your husband

    • Nothing else has happened yet, and I did tell my husband in the end. I was going to show him this post as a naughty surprise but the moron comments ruined that.

    • Oh no don't confess anything. Kissing is one thing but fucking is another . Keep your mouth shut.

    • Update: he called round today to rake some leaves up for us. We didn't have any cash on hand to pay him so joked to my husband that I should just suck him off instead. He thought it was a great idea! I told the lad I could pay him tomorrow in cash or give him a different kind of reward right now... he went bright red and chickened out because he knew hubby was home but he will call tomorrow for his money so might get him then...

    • If he went red then he wants you. Make sure the money is conditional on getting your needs met too! Get a good filling!

    • I intend to! He didn't show up yesterday or today so hoping I haven't scared him off

    • Well I'm not thinking as a youngster that I'd be interested in a drunken older woman. Especially one that makes it a habit of coming home near blacked out.. good luck in both rehab and sex addicts anonymous. Do they offer a dual program for old women ?

    • I think you meant this reply for a different post.

    • You did the right thing. Now let your husband and the pool boy do you at the same time. Having two cocks inside you at the same time has to be an amazing feeling for a woman.

    • Mmm thats a good idea

    • It was 1998, and here I was a mother of 2 and 36 years old home alone 99% of the time, my hubby Scott was a workaholic, and traveled a lot. All the girls on the block were booked as babysitters, so I had to use our neighbor Mack which was a boy. He usually on watched the girls, when I went out for ladies night. One night I came home drunk, Mack helped me inside, when I woke up I was naked, I questioned Mack about how I ended up like that, and he just said I started taking my clothes off and he stayed to watch. He said he saw everything, and the look on his face told me he enjoyed it. For the next few weeks we continued to flirt and laugh about what he saw. And another night I came back drunk again, Mack helped me upstairs, we had sex, I didn’t remember it, I just woke up in bed next to him, after a few minutes of freaking out, I calmed down and we had sex again, it was so nice to be touched again. Scott found out about the affair and we ended up moving 6 years later. But during that time we had sex over and over, sometimes Mack would sneak in from the basement and have sex while sex was upstairs.

    • That's so hot, and very very naughty! x

    • I have to say for those six years, it was the most amazing time of my life, Mack made me feel wanted and special. The role playing alone was out of this world, and the nights when Scott was out and he would keep me company and sane was special. I even went out and got him a matching wedding ring. Fast forward to my 55th birthday out with the ladies, I ran into Mack at a bar in the city, we caught up on old times, exchanged numbers and social media platforms. Wasn’t long before the flirting started, and sending pics back and fourth. A whole year has passed, and he asked to take me out for my 56th birthday, I politely declined, but once he said “Sandy you were my first love let me do it right one year” I told him I’m an old lady now, and Mack replied with love doesn’t have an age limit. I went out got my hair and nails done, Mack made it a day event since he was married, and I made plans with the ladies for the evening so Scott didn’t think. Mack took me out to lunch in the city, acting like a bunch of tourists he asked strangers to take pics of us, then as the evening was getting dark, he takes me to this hotel overlooking the city skyline, as he made love to me. And he wore the ring I got him. He showed me a secret folder on his phone with pictures of me. My mind was racing with all types of emotions, I haven’t had sex in years. Before I left for the night he asked to keep all the clothes I was wearing and he had purchased other clothes for me to wear to meet the ladies.

    • Sexy and romantic - it sounds like he knows how to treat you right x

    • You sound lol like the perfect wife and neighbor, bet the lad wanked his cock like crazy thinking of your body..get fucked off them both..teach the teen to be your fuck toy.

    • Mmm, you think I should fuck him regularly then?

    • Please do and tell us more! you sound like a dream to live next to. If I lived next to you I'd be dying to breed you.

    • I would probably let you

    • Women like you drive me wild! I don't think I'd be able to stop myself.

    • I would tease and torment you until you couldn't stand it anymore and had to have me

    • Wouldn't be long before I pinned you down and showed you who your fertile womb belongs to.

    • Don't be *too* rough...

    • I'm only as rough as I need to be. I love the feeling of a cheating wife's legs locked around me.

    • Well once you're inside me I won't unlock my legs until you have filled me up

    • And I wouldnn't stop filling you up until I've bred you

    • Tough crowd

    • No.

    • You should kill them both! That would be so hot!

    • Where would you get your cream pies?

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