Trying It on For Size

Last summer my girlfriend and i went to her friends wedding, they were the prefect couple, young , smart and both professional people they had it all.
it turns out they did not have it all , he had the smallest cock in North America and the wife was tired of never cumming during sex . She told my girlfriend that he couldn't ever lick her pussy properly. needless to say they split up and he moved out .When my girl friend told me the story I laughed and said your friend needed an 8 inch cock like mine to show her what a real man can do.
My girl friend looked at me and asked if i was kidding or did I mean it ? Of course i meant it i said. You should know , we fuck all the time and i have never heard you complain about my cock.
The next day my girlfriend said she told her friend what i said and agreed to let me fuck her .i was in shock , I couldn't believe my lover would share me with another woman. my girlfriend said don't worry , I know i'll be able to reel you in whenever i want to.
Well the night finally came and i knocked on the door, there she was, in a short skirt showing her muscular legs , a white blouse just hiding two large breasts. I could tell she was ready because her nipples were standing straight out and pointing at me.
We had a few drinks , she sat next to me on the couch and began to rub my leg. My cock came alive and before I knew it I had a raging hardon. she noticed right away and she grabbed my cock through my pants and started to stroke it. I have to admit she was very good, then she undid my pants and pulled them down . my cock popped out and pointed right at her, she started to blow me, at first she just sucked the head of my cock then she began to lick the shaft up and down . i nearly cam all over her but she was to smart for that, she stood up and took me to the bedroom where she stripped and took my clothes off as well , there we were naked and horny as hell. We embraced and were kissing hot and heavy, she then laid down on the bed and spread her legs apart wanting me to lick her pussy which i did . i started on her thighs and worked my way up to her pussy . she wasn't shaved but had it trimmed. She began to buck and bounce as i licked her to orgasm, she grunted and moaned and came. I began licking my way up to her breasts and those hard nipples. they were amazing as i sucked on them until she almost came but i kept going till i got to her neck then I could feel my cock rubbing against her very wet pussy. there was no going back so i slowly shoved my cock into her cunt. she took the whole thing in and loved every minute of it I started fucking her slowly at first then increased my speed as time went on. she met my every move with a move of her own, she was very good and i was loving it as well. This went on for about 20 minutes as we began to move faster and faster, it was great, we both came together I was grunting and she was moaning and finally we both exploded . Wow, it was great, the both of us were grinning from ear to ear and breathing like we had just ran a marathon
After some time we both took a shower and resumed our fucking , this time she mounted me and began to ride me like a cowgirl. the sensation was fantastic i nearly came several times but she was able to slow down enough to keep me from coming. After a while i couldn't take it any more and I came in gallons. She kept fucking me even after I came until she got off, what a woman .
We took another shower and parted She wanted to know if we might do it again, i wanted to and said so. she asked about my girlfriend, how would she feel about us fucking ? i admitted i had no answer and thought it might be a good idea if we kept it our little secret. She agreed
We saw each other for some time and managed to keep it a secret from my girlfriend and her husband. After a while she went back with her husband and i wound up marring my girlfriend

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  • Wife my fat 7" er -- but no jumbo. She says I'm her best lover. 3rd best was married guy in his 40's when she was 22. He was hung like a horse, bigger than the biggest Jul cucumber. She liked that he fucked like a caveman, but only once a week or so, blowjobs were a challenge but fun. But her 2nd favorite was fellow lifeguard when she was 20, he was chiseled, handsome and had a 5 inch dick. "our whole house could hear me cum. we'd get notes 'the sex was great to hear, but again at 4 AM? -- Judy, 2 floors up"

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