Favour for Wife's Friend

Last weekend my wife told me about a friend of hers (Amanda) who hasn't had sex in almost four years because her husband can't get it up any more. My wife told her that we don't have that problem and as a mater of fact, we have sex often. Amanda was envious after hearing about our fulfilling sex life and she jokingly asked if she could borrow me.

After talking to me about it we agreed that I would do her but only if her husband knew about it. My wife had a talk with the two of them and the next night we went to their house. Amanda and her husband Gary had a few drinks and said they were ready.

Amanda was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, a little overweight, but she has a huge pair of melons and an awesome ass. I took her by the hand, led her to the living room and undressed her while her husband and my wife sat next to each other on the couch. I moved around Amanda, caressing her soft skin, squeezing her big tits and tickling her clit with my finger-tips, noticing that she trembled with every touch, standing totally naked before her husband and my wife. "Are you nervous?" I asked, she just nodded her head. "You've never been naked with another man, have you?" She shook her head from side to side when she looked at Gary, then closed her eyes when I started to undress.

When Gary looked at my cock he seemed to approve of it's solid, thick eight inches and when I stepped up behind his wife, put my arms around her and lifted her melons he sat back and smiled. As I pressed my upright cock between Amanda's well-cushioned ass cheeks she gasped and started to shake. I asked her if she was okay and responded with gasps, "It's big". I whispered for her to get to her knees and then stepped in front of her noticing that her eyes were still closed. When I told her to open her eyes she said "No, I can't, I'm scared!" With my cock in one hand I pointed at her mouth with the other and looked at Gary, he excitedly nodded yes and moments after the swollen head touched her lips she slowly parted them and I eased my meat into her mouth. As Gary's wife sucked while I slowly fucked her mouth I watched as my wife pulled Gary's limp cock out and started sucking on it.

I made sure to make Amanda gag on my cock a few times, I love the sound, then had her lay on the floor where I started to kiss and lick my way up her legs to her warm, wet, pink pussy lips. At fist she wanted to stop me by closing her legs, but when I started sucking and chewing on her swollen clit her knees bent and she pulled them back allowing better access to her clit. When I looked to the couch I could see that my wife had managed to suck Gary's dick to about half-mast and he was enjoying my wife's expert mouth. Meanwhile Amanda was beginning to pant and tremble. As soon as I sucked her clit as hard as I could she arched her back and kicked her legs straight out as her twat gushed a very impressive flow of cooze. A glance at the couch revealed that Gary was pumping a load into my wife's mouth which always gets her to sucking harder to be sure to get every drop of cum.

Before Amanda had stopped quivering I moved up between her legs and drove all eight inches into her then after a brief pause commenced to pounding her deep and hard. Grunting, moaning and gasping Amanda dug her heels into the back of my thighs, wrapped her arms around me like she didn't want me to get away then cried out "Oh gawd! Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" My wife and I were impressed with how quickly she came again and as Gary watched he released my wife's tits from her blouse and mauled and sucked on them while his wife shook and groaned in ecstasy. With a quick change of position I pulled out of Amanda's cunt and rolled her onto her stomach then looked to Gary and pointed at her ass. Gary nodded quickly then released my wife's tits to watch me go up his wife's big ass. "OH! What are you.....OHHHH!" Amanda cried out as I slowly forced my cock into her, stretching her rear hole. As her sphincter snapped over the head of my cock she began to kick her lower legs and I continued into the tight hole. When I asked her if she wanted me to stop she nodded her head quickly but loudly said no. Without asking again I forced my swollen cock all the way into her then held it there enjoying the trembling and quivering deep in her beautiful ass.

"FUCK HER ASS!" Gary stood up and ordered as he took my wife by the hair and directed her mouth to his cock. I smiled and set to pumping Amanda. "Have you ever been ass-fucked before?" I asked as my cock savoured the tight hole and the trembling going throughout her body. "No." Amanda cried. "No. Don't stop, please." I varied the pounding I gave her ass, enjoying my first anal de-flowering in years. Meanwhile Gary dragged my wife to his wife's feet and straddled her chest so he could continue to enjoy my wife's oral skills and watch my cock as it pounded in and out of his wife's ass. After a flurry of pounding I pumped a big load into Amanda's ass, followed by another full-bodied, trembling orgasm from her pain-riddled groin.

"Holy fuck!" Gary exclaimed when I pulled out of his wife and her gaping ass oozed cum onto the carpet, then moments later he shoved his half-limp cock into my wife's mouth and came again while she eagerly swallowed every drop.

It was about a half hour later that we left and Amanda was still on her stomach, her ass-hole almost recovered and still oozing cum. Gary apologized for being so rough on my wife but she's an understanding woman and recognized that he was caught up in the excitement of his wife getting her ass fucked, something she never let him do. He thanked us and said we were invited to do it again, anytime.

This morning Amanda told my wife that I really hurt her, but somehow she enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to know if I'd do it again.

Of course I'd gladly fuck her luscious ass again.

2 months ago

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