I have fantasies amd only imaginary fantasies of brutally abusing young girls I pretty much have no boundaries about this, are there many female peados that think of sick abuse of girls? . I don’t think I could ever do it for real but my fantasies are so violent and rxtreme

10 months ago

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    • All you fucking peados should be fucking shot, if i could get my hands on you fucking sick cunts you'd wish you weren't born.

    • You molest young boys. That makes you a hypocrite.
      A beta cuck too!

    • I am a straight man who has fantasies about extreme violent beat torture and rape of young or adult till the point of death my fave fantasies are of being joined by a female evil sadist even better if it’s incest

    • Im a straight male and not very erotic in bed but when i mastubate i become a sexual deviant. I think of sucking dick, fucking shemales, impregnating 12 yr old girls, u name it. But if im not masturbating these things disgust me. Idk why

    • I'm the same

    • Me too , I have intrusive thoughts about younger girls being gang raped or incest family scenarios

    • It’s common among women, yes. Clinically most women harbor violent fantasies involving children, although only 14% of said fantasies are same-sex.

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