We took a break

About 10 months ago, my wife and I had one of those near end of the relationship fights. She stayed in the house and I moved out. We were apart for 5 months. During about 4 of those months we didn't speak. Then she decided to start texting me again.

At first, she was texting how she missed me and wanted to start talking again and try to repair things. She apologized for what she said during our fight. A few days later I texted her asking how she's doing with bills. I know that she doesn't make enough to pay for everything. She didn't answer right away. Then she said, "I don't know how to put it. I don't want you to get mad since we are doing so well." I said, "Don't know how to put what? Just say it." She said, "Well, I needed help paying for bills, so I asked a friend to move in." I said, "Megan or Tiffany?" She said, "No. Robert." I said, "Who is Robert?" She said, "A guy I work with." I said, "He staying in the spare room?" She didn't answer right away. Then she said, "No." I said, "You making him sleep on the couch?" She said, "No." I said, "Then I'm confused." She said, "He's sleeping in my room. With me." I said, "Is he gay?" She said, "Most definitely not. We've been having sex."

I didn't respond to it. Not for about a week. Then she texted, "You haven't spoken in a week. Say something." I said, "Like what? You're having sex with another man. I thought we would get back together. Is that even still an option?" She said, "Of course it is. Otherwise, I wouldn't have tried talking again." I said, "How often?" She said, "You really want to know?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "Once or twice a week." I said, "Is he bigger than me?" She said, "Oh heaven's yes. Took some getting used to. I've never sucked a dick that big before." I said, "Ok. Don't need to know the details."

She said, "I assume you have been having sex too." I said, "Why would you assume that?" She said, "You have a high sex drive. Am i right?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "Who is it? One of the girls from work?" I said, "No. Neighbor down the road. Had to crash there." She said, "Who?" I said, "Across the street and like 3 doors down." She said, "Cameron? Isn't she married?" I said, "No. Her house is too far down. One house up." She said, "Don't think I know who it is then." I said, "His name is Ben." She said, "HIS name? You've been sleeping with a guy? Wow. I wouldn't have guessed that at all. How did that start?" I said, "You really want to know?" She said, "Absolutely! and don't leave out details!"

I said, "I was over there and was talking about our fight. We were drinking and next thing I know, We are making out and he is going down on me." She said, "Was it good?" I said, "Very good. Probably the best blowjob I've ever had." She said, "Well, guess that just gives me the motivation to do it better. Have you fucked him?" I said, "No. I've been on bottom." She said, "I can see that. You always did like ass play. You guys do it alot?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "How often?" I said, "You are gonna think i'm gay." She said, "Stop it. Just tell me." I said, "5-6 times a week for the past 4 months." She said, "Jesus, that's a lot of fucking. Are you gay?" I said, "Gay? No. Bisexual? I think so."


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  • My wife and I are going through this right now! I found out from a mutual friend that a week after we separated her gfs took here out to cheer her up. She had her first ONS that night. It’s been 3 months and she’s had more than 15 ONSs and has a few bf’s. I’m not surprised. That was one of the things that led to our separation. I found out she was quite the slut before we got married which she choose to not tell me. The one guy I heard she’s fucking a lot that hurts the most is her ex bf before me. He’s the guy I learned what a slut my wife was purely by accident. One night after we were married for about 6 months we went out to a local bar. We were both pretty drunk and she introduced us. Luke. 6’11” black guy. After she introduced us she ran off to dance with her friends. Luke proceeded to tell me all the things they used to do. Drunk and confused I just listened to him tell me how he took her Anal virginity, got road head from her “a fucking lot” and how he and his roommate had many long night 3sums with her. I eventually learned after several loud arguments that Luke’s “BBC” is really a Big Black Cock. 10 fucking inches of BBC. Now my wife is like 5’7” and fit. But how she took his 10” cock in her ass is beyond me. Oh yeah, Anal? Never. Roadhead, never! 3sums, NEVER!!! Now she’s being Luke’s play thing and I’m certain taking his BBC up her ass again.

    We have talked and texted in frequently but maybe 4 times a week. Sometimes the calls or texting goes well, other times we end up arguing and yelling or texting in ALL CAPS!!! Usually after that she will send me some pic of what she is going to do later that night with one of her bf’s.

    It sucks but I know divorce is going to happen.

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  • It happens,not so much the gay bit. My wife and I separated 3 years into our marriage when we were in our mid twenties. I did the manly thing and moved out. We kept a silence between us for about a month and a half then started texting. Just usual stuff like how we've been and so on. We had always hoped to have a long conversation about things but were always busy. But I still loved her and didnt want it to end like that. So i phoned her and we had a nice chat for half an hour till i brought up things about our future. She was hesitant to respond and I asked if it's not what she wanted. She said she did but it wasn't straight forward anymore. I asked what she meant. She said that I may not feel the same after I know. I said just tell me. She then told me she had slept with someone. I asked who and she asked if it was necessary to know who? So I asked if it was still going on and she faltered and said it happened a few times but she tried calling it off but it happened again 2 nights ago. I was pretty much a mess and told her I had to hang up to take it all in. She texted

  • She texted to say she was sorry and that it was just sex and meant nothing and just happened and if I wanted things to end then she'd respect that. I took several hours to reply after reading her messages over and over and I simply said I needed time to think. I kept wondering who it might be. And after a few days I tried to stop myself but I went to our place to stalk her. Yep not proud to admit it. The first time was Friday night and nothing much happened. Then I went mid week and there was a black BMW parked there. I knew who it was straight away. It was night time so I had the cover of dark and ran over with every intention of manly confronting them but once I made it through the back gate and realized who I'd be up against I cowardly changed my mind. Then getting closer to the open lounge window I was even more convinced I should not confront them. I listened to my wifes loud moans coming from the living room and realized that the "just sex" she was having sounded like the best she'd ever had as I recall no matter how hard I fucked her I could never get her to moan. It went on for over 40 minutes and I heard her swear under her breath and then him encouraging her and then the unmistakable sound of her orgasm and then her encouraging him and him swearing and groaning then silence. After a while I walked back with my shrunken dick to the car.

  • But who was it?

  • Male friend of hers who is the biggest womanizer around

  • Yeah buddy just pack it in. She gone and you might as well be too. Or your gonna just be jerking off to the image of her taking a powerful cock and being made a slut by his big cock.

  • Lie

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