A swift kick when needed

I get a chuckle from reading the fantasies here. If any of these tales are true I bet a lot of the women giving bj's and balls deep aren't doing it by choice. I saw one of the women at work giving the manager a blow job by the loading docks. She knew I saw and was worried about rumors. She said it was for vacation time since she was a new hire and had to work a whole year for a lousy week off. No prob, I can keep my mouth shut. A few months later I saw him forcing another woman into a bj. I slipped down the steel staircase with my hands on the railings no boots on the steps equals no noise. Neither one saw me and when she came up for air and started stroking him I kicked that fucker so hard in the nuts he passed out. He never knew who nailed him. Unconscious with his wrinkled pecker sticking out of his zipper. He slipped on wet stairs, apparently, a work place accident. We spent a few days applying no slip tape to all the stair treads.

10 months ago

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    • Well done. As someone who has been pressured to have sex with my bosses, I thank you. I wish I could find a job that pays as much.

    • You can't and won't. Make the best of that window job at Mickey D's. Hint : Run outside immediately after your shift, and pick up the change people have dropped at the window. You'll be glad you did.

    • If you know about that money why don’t you quit panhandling while telling them you’re a homeless vet?
      Fess up and admit to them that you’re an addict with little to show for your pitiful life.

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