Sad state of affairs

One of my teenage daughter's friends is very mature for a fourteen year old girl. Thay are close friends and we have met this kid's mother who happens to be divorced but in various relationships. After meeting the mother I can see why the young girl is a bit beyond her years. Both my wife and I have noticed that this kid is quite flirtatious which became uncomfortably obvious when the young girl suggested a shoe and tell scenario to me. I was surprised but not shocked and tried to have a "fatherly" talk with the kid about boundaries. I got the impression this kid was not just flirting but probably sexually active or wanting to be with older men. My wife had a talk with her and discovered that this kid has been abused by her mother's boyfriends since age eight and thought such activity was normal. What to do? Talked to the mother and was told to mind our own fxcking business. Talked to Child Welfare and was told they new about this particular case and this story is repeated in twenty percent of households. I guess I live in a bubble. Wish I was still there.

10 months ago

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    • Twenty per cent of households ? Where do you live, Gomorrah ?

    • But is she hot? Better tap that before she gets all old and gross.

    • Report it to the police.

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