Elvira is Gay

Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) announced that she's been in a 19 year relationship with a woman.

Do I care who she's been sleeping with in her own bed? No, I don't.

What irritates me is that the LGBTQ community is now all up in everyone's face about it, and praising her for coming out.
Yeah, the same people who persecuted her for years as being a mindless sex symbol for sexist men, are now praising her.

I liked Cassandra Peterson before she came out, and I still like her now. Funny how the LGBTQ community only likes her now after she's come out. So tell me who the sexist people are?

The problem is the LGBTQ community wants to be in everyone's face about being gay because they want to cause problems. No one gives a shit who you sleep with, nor am I up in their face about sleeping with my girlfriend. Yet if I say anything about getting out of my face, they call me a homophobe. Well maybe they are heterophobes.

Bottom line, they need to stop with their political bullshit and just like who they like for who they are. Instead of shoving their ideas, beliefs, and lifestyle down everyone else's throats. No one gives a fuck who you sleep with. So stop being sexist assholes.

10 months ago

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    • Most LGBTQ people I know who even know who Elvira is have been fans of her for literally decades. She comes from a tradition of camp, which is very LGBTQ friendly.

      Also, these days the sort of people who would hate Elvira for being a “sex symbol for men” or whatever are mostly GCs and TERFs, who are assholes and who can be safely ignored because they are assholes.

      Also, people’s opinions can change with time.

    • You're the kind of intolerant prick who makes the LGBTQ organize and get in your face ! It's all YOUR fault !

    • Fuck off panty boy. We do what we want. Got that? Now go fuck your ugly gF

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